How to Make Your Own Wood Sign for the Nursery | DIY Rustic Nursery Decor

How to Make Your Own Wood Sign for the Nursery | DIY Rustic Nursery Decor

How to make your own wall panel for the nursery | DIY Rustic Nursery Decor

Hello crafty friends! If you're looking for a fun and easy way to create one of those popular rustic wood signs, you've come to the right spot! We've put together a simple and inexpensive DIY for you, no tools required! Of course, we are loving these large wood signs over the crib, but they are great for any part of your home or office decor! Just pick your favorite sayings, make a quick trip to lowes, and get your painting pants on - it's time to DIY!

We made this trendy wood sign for half the cost of the pre-made ones, and have enough materials left over to create a second one! The total project took less than 2 hours total (not including paint drying time) and the friendly folks at Lowes helped us cut the wood to the exact sizes we needed for FREE! Each sign is 2'x4', which is perfect for over the crib or a dresser, and makes a great statement piece for the nursery.

love you like crazy wood sign

We have several pre-made vinyl options, including a personalized name wall panel! My favorite part is the "est. 2017" - how fun will this be years from now in a teen room?

boy wood wall panel DIY

If black isn't your thing - we have GOLD too! Because there's never enough gold in the nursery. Ever. :-)

gold wood sign DIY

So, here's what you need to get started. We visited our local Lowes, but I'm sure you can get these supplies at any home improvement store.

  • 1/4" 4x4 Birch Hardwood (Lowes cut it in half for us for free, so grab a friend b/c you can make 2 signs with one purchase) - $17.08 total ($8.50 per piece)
  • 1 quart Minwax Tintable Clear Interior Stain (tinted in "Marshmallow") $10.77
  • Gorilla Glue for Wood $5.96
  • Wood Stain or Spray Paint (We used Minwax's Wood Stain in Early American on the natural wood sign and Rust-oleum gold spray paint for the gold sign) $4.77
  • Wood Frame Pieces (Lowes cut these for us too for free) - They come in 2 lengths (8ft and 4ft at lowes), we used 1 - 8ft piece and 1 - 4ft piece, and had them cut to the frame sizes we needed. The 2 pieces combined cost $6.21
  • Vinyl Lettering $29.95
  • D-ring Hanger & wire $2.48

Total Cost of Materials for a single large wood sign w/ stained frame comes out to $68.64 (compare that to most of the pre-made signs costing over $160 + $50 in shipping!) And if you are really watching your budget, you could easily hand paint the name or saying, bringing the cost down to $38.69!

So how do you make this fabulous DIY? Here's a step by step guide.

Step 1: Grab the supplies listed above. You can use an old T-shirt to apply the stain, and lay down a trash bag or drop cloth to work on! When you purchase the frame pieces at Lowes, they come in long 8' sections. Just drag them over to the wood cutting department with your 4x4 1/4" thick birch panel and they will cut it to your sizes for FREE! We didn't even use a measuring tape on the frame, just marked it against the large panel. The guys at Lowes were super helpful and friendly!

DIY wood sign for the nursery supplies

Step 2: Once you get everything home, it's time to lay out your drop cloth and get staining! The wood stain is pretty potent so you might want to do this outside, or make sure you can open some windows. You can use an old T-shirt or rags to apply the stain. We had to do a few coats to get it a nice natural coat on the frame pieces. (If you want to get the gold look, go for a few coats of spray paint.)

DIY wood stain

Step 3: For the back board it's pretty much the same, just this time you're using the tinted white wood stain. Again, using an old T-shirt or rags, dip them in the white wash stain and apply as many coats as you need to get the effect you're looking for. We applied 2 generous coats to get the white wash look, and still be able to see the wood grain through it.

white wash DIY wood sign

DESIGN TIP: If the edges of your frames are rough, just use a hand held sander to clean up the sides. Remember, the rustic wood sign look isn't perfect - so small imperfections give it character and style!

Step 4: After your frame pieces and back board are dry (we let ours set overnight), simply apply glue to the back of your frame pieces (we used the Gorilla Wood Glue) and lay them flat on the edges of back board. You could also use nails, but the wood holds perfectly, and we are all about simple!

Step 5: Once you have the frame pieces glued on, you can use clamps or even heavy books from around your house to put pressure on the frames and make sure they dry correctly.

Step 6: It's vinyl sticker time! You can cut out each word, or apply them in large pieces, but either way, we recommend laying them out how you want them placed. Again, the rustic wood sign look isn't perfect, so don't over think it! You can angle the wording or keep it more straight - whatever you think looks best! And don't forget to grab your credit card or something flat and hard so you can smooth out the vinyl stickers at application.

Step 7: We used hooks and wire so that it could be drilled into the frames (since the actual board isn't very thick). And we wanted to make sure it's securely mounted to the wall if it's going over the crib. If your extra handy (or your hubbie is) the board can also be mounted directly onto your wall with dry wall screws.

And that's it! Super easy right? The best part of the vinyl is that it can be removed too - so if you ever want to re-design your rustic wood sign, you just peel off the vinyl stickers and apply a new one. Happy crafting everyone! And don't forget, you can find all of the adorable crib sheets, nursery throw pillows, and baby blankets you see in the images on our website. :-)

nursery wood sign


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