How to Photograph Your Nursery even if you're not a professional

How To Photograph Your Nursery

Your baby’s first room is just as special as her first word or first tooth. Just like these miraculous milestones, everything changes quickly as baby grows into a toddler and older. Your baby will one day want a new theme, new paint colors, and may even contribute by coloring and adding stickers to the wall herself. Those precious moments when your nursery design is new may be the best time to document the room for a keepsake. No worries if you don’t have a professional photographer to complete this job for you. You can photograph your nursery yourself! And with today's phone cameras you can likely even get by without any other equipment! Keep these tips in mind to create beautiful photographic memories of your nursery.


Natural light is the best light for producing photos that are vivid, detailed, and clear. Pay attention to the lighting in your baby’s nursery. What time of day does the sunlight shine the brightest in this room? The lighting changes with the seasons, so it may be the best lit at 11 am in the winter, but at 8 am in the summer. If the room doesn’t receive good natural lighting, consider investing in a budget-friendly lighting kit.


A good rule of thumb for interior photography is to take 1-point and 2-point perspective photos. What does all that technical talk mean? It’s easy, let’s look at it this way:

1-Point Perspective - looking at one wall. Create a more dynamic 1-point perspective photo with depth by also capturing one parallel wall leading to the main wall that you’re focusing on.1-point perspective photo with depth created by adjacent wall

Scarlett's Coral, Mint & Gold Nursery

2-Point Perspective - looking at two walls, and focusing on the one corner in between them. The corner does not have to be at the center of the photo, but the goal is to capture two walls merging to a corner, not three walls.2-point perspective photo of a baby boys nursery - how to photograph your nursery

Crew's Woodland Buffalo Check Nursery

What to Photograph

If you don’t know where to start in order to get photos that will make the best memories, try these: capture each and every wall, bedding, toys, decor, clothes, and your child, of course!

How to Photograph Your Nursery Even if You're not a Professional

Photo Idea 1: Place one outfit and one toy side by side on the baby’s crib. The outfit can hang from the back of the crib or lie flat on the mattress. Capture a photo looking down into the crib and onto the bedding, making the clothes and toy the central focus point. Make this photo even better by adding your baby to it!

Photo Idea 2: Take a 1-point perspective photo of your accent wall, or a wall with gallery art on it.

Post production

After you’ve taken the photos, you’ll want to edit them as beautifully as possible. This can be tricky if you simply upload them to a social media app and use one of their few preset filters. Sometimes their filters are amazing, but other times they wash out the photo and give it a bad look. If you’re not skilled at using Photoshop or Lightroom, there are some smartphone apps that can help you to achieve a professional level finish to your photo. VSCO and ColorStory have several filters that you can apply and adjust to make your photo to really stand out. You can use their free filters or purchase filter sets that reflect a mood that you like.

Get Inspired

Photograph Your Nursery Yourself - Straight on Shot of Baby Girl's Dark Floral Nursery

Jocelyn's Dark Floral Nursery

Pinterest and your favorite children’s magazines are full of professional photos of nurseries and baby items. Why not use them as inspiration? Make a Pinterest board of your favorite nurseries and bookmark a few in magazines. After you’ve pinned and bookmarked to your heart’s content, look back over the photos that you saved. Make note of photos that you would like to emulate. Write down what stands out about your favorites, and try to capture the same essence in the photos that you take in your baby’s nursery.

Share them with us!

We love seeing our crib bedding playing a part in the memories that you make with your new baby. Post your nursery photos to social media (don't forget to tag us) and share them on Family and friends will love to see how you created a special room for your little one. When you see them in your memories a year or so from now, you’ll definitely be glad that you captured them. Your photos may even become the inspiration to a new mama in her nursery design adventures!

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