How to Style Bold Crib Bedding in Your Nursery

Choosing a bright and bold crib bedding set is a great idea for refreshing a drab room or creating a clean, fresh start for your new baby. Bright colors can act as the focal point for the room (besides your adorable, new baby) and what better to focus on than the bedding on your crib! You can find a range of bright colors for any gender, so don't worry if you want to stay away from the traditional pinks and blues. There are plenty of options for the stylish new moms out  there!  If you want to get a little adventurous, pick two or three bright colors to create a bold crib bedding that your friends will be wishing they thought of. See some examples below!

Pink and Turquoise Bold Crib Beddingvia Project Nursery

If color isn't your forte, you can also make a statement with bold patterns! Picking a pattern to serve as your bold crib bedding will give you more color options for the rest of your nursery, mixing and matching until you find that perfect mix of colors that your baby will love. Try Caden Lane's Chloe's Coral Damask Baby Bedding Coral and Mint Crib Set. This bold baby bedding set combines bright, trendy colors and patterns to really set itself above the rest! If you wanted to take it a step further, you could even add these Gold Damask Curtain Panels to one of the windows in the nursery to keep the pattern going and tie in the gold trim from the bumper.

Damask Bold BeddingChloe's Coral Damask Baby Bedding from Caden Lane

Once you choose your bold crib bedding, you still have some decisions to make. What else can you add to the room to carry out your design? You don't want to just pick the perfect bedding and forget about the rest of the room! Choose a few accessories to match! Try to find a lamp or a single curtain panel with similar patterns and colors to carry out the theme throughout the rest of the nursery. These additional bold pieces will really put you over the top in the trendy, stylish department, and all your friends will be asking you to design their own nurseries before long! Check out some examples of bold accessories to add to your nursery below!

Bold AccessoriesStar Wars Themed Room | Pink Printed Lamp

What's the best way to stand out from the crowd and make your nursery unique? How did you style your own bold crib bedding? Tell us in the comments below!

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