How to Take The Perfect Baby Announcement Photo!

How to Take The Perfect Baby Announcement Photo!

Oh-hey momma! Your due date is fast approaching, and before you know it you’ll be introducing your sweet newborn to the world! There’s a lot of pressure behind creating the perfect first photo, and you’ve got enough on your mind while getting ready for your new arrival… so we are here to help ease the process, with a few DIY tips on how you can create that instagram worthy (and on a more personal level, sentimental first picture) of your perfect new family and newborn.

It’s hard to believe, but before the days of smartphones, baby’s announcement pictures were usually done by professionals, at a studio, and had to be developed by film (gasp!) Can you imagine waiting days… or WEEKS… to see a picture of your sister or BFF’s new baby? 

Wait no more, thanks to our mobile devices and the multiple editing apps that are available, with just a few simple steps - you can create your OWN professional style photo of your newborn to show off to the world within minutes!

We’ve asked some of the TOP newborn photographers for their best tips on taking a professional-style photo (YOURSELF) at the hospital to show off your new bundle of joy. Here’s what they said…



1. USE NATURAL LIGHT. Everyone knows that hospital lighting is no bueno, so open those shades, turn off the overhead lights, and push baby’s bassinet close to the window for the best natural light.

Pro Tip: Morning light is always best! But, if you just can’t wait for the perfect sunrise, look for a spot that doesn’t have direct sun - you want that soft, natural light look. Does it look a little dark? There are multiple free apps that use filters to help brighten the pictures! Or, you can even edit within your smartphone adjusting the brightness, contrast, and saturation for the perfect photo.

lighting tips for baby photos

2. FILL IN THE BLANK SPACE. Our absolute favorite spot for a newborn photo is in the hospital bassinet. There’s something about that little basket in every hospital room that tugs at your heartstrings. It’s the perfect size for your little one, is usually on wheels so moving them around is easy, and it sets the perfect framework for your first photo. 

    Pro Tip: Set the stage for the perfect photo! Use a swaddle to cover the hospital bassinet mattress by just tucking it under the sides. Use a color-coordinating newborn outfit or secondary swaddle to wrap baby in and place them in the middle of the bassinet. 

    3. USE PHOTO PROPS. We love the idea of announcing baby’s name or their birth stats with a few cute props in the pictures. A little wood name sign, or birth stats sign helps make the photo personal and memorable! Plus, the props make great keepsakes for the years to come (and to pull out at future weddings!)

      Pro Tip: Less is more! We recommend taking to the hospital a few pictures of your favorite birth announcement pictures, and use the examples to re-create the same look. Pay attention to how the baby is swaddled, are they asleep or awake? And is the camera shooting straight down or at an angle?

      4. GET IN THE PHOTO MOM! Your camera roll is about to be FILLED with pictures of your baby, so start it off right and jump in the photo! You won’t regret it (even if it’s the photo you choose to not share). When that little one is graduating from college (and at any milestone, there’s a LOT, we promise), you’ll love looking back and reminiscing about the day they were born.



      Pro Tip: Black and White photos are the most forgiving if you don’t feel your best! But we always vote for mom and dad to get in the photos! This is a HUGE day, and to all the moms - you just brought life into the world - document it!! Show it off!!! However your most amazing day looks. P.S. Ask your favorite nurse to help with the picture, they are usually pretty experienced in taking first family photos. :)

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