Introducing Solids to Your Baby: The Basics!

Introducing Solids to Your Baby: The Basics!

Yay, your little one is growing and ready to start solids! This is an exciting time but can also be overwhelming with where to start. When starting your baby on solids there are a few key things to keep in mind with this new adventure.


1. Which foods you start with is your decision.



You may hear that there are “better purees” to start your baby on and to be honest, I haven’t found that to be true. What foods you want to start your baby on is entirely up to you. Whether you chose fruits or vegetables, makes no difference in their taste development.



2. Start with one ingredient purees. 



Purees are easy for you to feed your baby when introducing foods since your baby isn’t familiar with anything other than liquids up until this point and it is easy for them to digest (although it may not all end up down their throat, they may spit some of it out as they are learning about eating). Sticking to one ingredient purees is the best way for you to determine any allergies that may arise. Making sure to also feed the same purees 3-5 days in a row (especially eggs and peanuts since those are the top foods babies are allergic to) will also help with determining if there are any allergies and to give them a good idea of the taste and if they like that food.



3. Offer a variety of foods.




Have your baby try all the foods you can. You may not particularly like or eat beets regularly but you never know if your baby may like them and it's always good to give them a taste of different things.



4. Making your own purees is easy but store-bought purees are ok too!



You don’t have to make your own purees for your baby but if you are interested in is easier than it sounds. You can look up some recipes on Pinterest if you aren’t sure where to start but the best thing you can do is start with frozen or fresh fruit or vegetable, a blender/ food processor, breastmilk, water or prepared formula, a pot with a steamer if you have one and something to put your baby food in for storage.



These are some great baby food jars on amazon.




You can also get these to store in your freezer if you are batching your purees ahead of time.



You will want to take your fresh or frozen fruit or vegetable and steam/ boil it until soft and then put it in your blender/food processor and add breastmilk water or prepared formula and blend until it is a puree consistency. Once your puree is prepared you can store it in the fridge or freezer for your baby to eat. Certain foods such as bananas and avocados don’t need to be steamed or boiled since they are very easy to puree.


I hope this information will help you feel more confident in the new adventure of starting solids with your baby. If you looking for some more information here is a great resource: Solid Starts

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