Kids Bedding Sets for Boys: The Ultimate Big Kid Room

Yes, he's growing up so fast and now the time has come to clear the room of all baby decor. So sit back and continue reading because we are going to make this transition seamless for you. At Caden Lane we offer the best kids bedding sets for boys, therefore, your son will have the ultimate big kid room. We have all the details on how to take a fabulous nursery to a fabulous big boy room starting with the bedding set. One of my favorite kids bedding set for boys is our Ikat Blue Chevron duvet with coordinating pillow shams and accent pillow. Throw a little gray on the wall with one accented blue wall and some cool, fun wall art and decor and this chevron big kid bedding will bring the look together for a sharp, handsome bedroom. Here is a closeup of our Ikat Blue bedding set and under it is an example of what the room would look like with furniture and decor. kids bedding sets for boyskids bedding sets for boyskids bedding sets for boysNot looking for a traditional style room but wanting something more modern? Done and done! What's great about this big kid bedding is that it can be designed around a modern, traditional, or classic style room. For a modern room, I suggest using a sharp gray and off white paint to create thick, horizontal stripes or a chevron print, but only on the wall the bed is against so that it does not become overwhelming. For the rest of the walls I would paint either solid gray or off white. Contemporary white or black furniture would be ideal and any modern looking decorative frames, mirrors, and wall art would help complete the look. My second favorite kids bedding set for boys is our Gray Mod bedding with matching pillow shams and accent pillow. Again, this mod and lattice print can be used for a modern or traditional bedroom. For a modern color palette, I would use gray, navy, orange, and white. For a traditional color palette, I would use gray, blue, orange, and brown. kids bedding sets for boysIf the color palettes are a little tough to visualize, it would look a little something like this. 65147d74e924b6fc4d7c196118d3911f

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