Knock off or NOT?

"You get what you pay for." I've always believed so. In a time where fast fashion has become such a trend, a cheap price tag can be a huge deterrent when compared to a higher priced item that seems to look the same! But don't rely just on the price - sometimes it can make you spend even more in the long run! Don't get me wrong, I know the Target isles as well as anyone else. And I am always happy to purchase the latest trend from the strategically designed end caps with pretty red sale tags. But years of retail therapy have taught me that the $12.99 purchase is just that. If I plan on washing my trendy $12 shirt more than two times, then I need to consider purchasing a new one. In fact, if it's something I may use for several years... perhaps I should just invest in the original high-quality item that Target so masterfully knocked off! This rule does not only apply to apparel, the same goes for a lot of baby products too! Let's take furniture for example. Oeuf was one of the first modern nursery furniture companies to introduce the platform minimalist crib. Slick white lacquer and a walnut wood base is a timeless masterpiece of modern-crib-goodness. The Oeuf Classic Crib retails for $920. Now - look at the pictures below. One of the cribs below is the Babyletto crib from Babies R Us, and is only $359. Can you tell the difference?

Babyletto Modo 3-in-1 Convertible Crib - Two Tone - Babyletto  - Babies"R"Us

Look similar? Probably because it's an almost exact knock-off of the original modern platform crib by Oeuf. And if you are shopping online... it would be hard to even see the craftsmanship of each crib. My gut tells me that the crib that's twice as expensive probably consists of higher quality materials, perhaps has a better warranty, and is built stronger.... but my wallet is telling me that the cheaper crib allows room in my budget for the designer crib bedding I want! What's the right decision you ask? I don't know. I say do whatever allows for you to pick the bedding you want! Ha! Seriously though, purchasing furniture that you will use for several babies is an investment. If you want to buy one crib that will last for 2-4 babies, go for quality. If you want to change it up with every pregnancy... then keep it cheap. Chances are in the end, it will all add up to about the same. Happy Shopping! [facebook_ilike]

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