Lilac and Gold Baby Bedding: Sparkly & Sweet

A new color combination is climbing the ranks in popular nursery design- lilac and gold! Lilac and gold baby bedding is the perfect way to accent your nursery for your little lady! Caden Lane is the ideal designer for all of your lilac and gold baby bedding needs and wants!   One of our increasingly sought-after crib sets is literally called Lilac and Gold Sparkle Baby Bedding. How can you not gawk at the detail in the crib skirt and matching lilac and gold crib sheet? Who would have thought that a combination of modern gold triangles, polka dots and sweet lilac roses would complete the look of this gorgeous collection!? If you can't get enough of these two colors and would like to deck out your ENTIRE nursery with this beautiful trio of prints, Caden Lane has a variety of matching lilac and gold accessories to complete your nursery design! Lilac and Gold Baby Bedding Another beautiful lilac and gold combination comes with our Lilac and Gold Dot Ruffle Crib Set. The gorgeous cascading crib skirt with different shades of purple and gold create a look of sheer baby royalty. I love the idea of adding a set of matching lilac and gold curtains to complete the look. Lilac and Gold Dot Crib Set If you need a little more inspiration to complete your lilac and gold nursery, try our Holly's Hydrangea lilac and gold floral crib bedding. This collection features a few different colors to work with, so the bedding can be accented with either a purple or pink shaggy rug, some matching lilac, gold or pink wall art, and a set of matching curtains. This collection is so pretty and versatile- I always love the ideal of mixing a modern print with a timeless floral print- like the one featured on the gold crib rail cover (featured below). Lilac and Gold Floral Crib Set

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