Magnolia Wreath Chalkboard Farmhouse Wall Decor: The Easiest DIY EVER

Magnolia Wreath Chalkboard Wall Décor: The Easiest DIY Ever

Wondering where those amazing magnolia wreath chalkboards came from that are framing the window in our Fletcher’s Modern Farmhouse nursery design? We MADE them! And they are the absolute easiest DIY we’ve ever made. We made a video for you explaining exactly how to make them, it’s not sped up, and it literally takes 2 minutes of your time once you have the 5 supplies you need. ☺


See? Super simple right! I’m sure you could find a pre-made MUCH more expensive version, but we love that feeling of “I did it myself” and we hope you can get that same feel-good DIY nursery project feeling. What’s better than being able to brag about your nursery and adding in the “I made that myself” shining moment?

Magnolia Wreath Chalkboard DIY Supplies

So now that you know how easy it is to make them I’ll fill you in on where we got our supplies. The magnolia wreaths were a great find at Kirkland’s. They are some of the best looking low-cost wreath options we could find! And the chalkboards were a steal from World Market. Add in some thick burlap ribbon from your local craft store; dig out that hot glue gun and some scissors and you’re ready to go! That’s it, just these five items:

Fletcher's Modern Farmhouse Nursery with Magnolia Wreath Chalkboard Wall Decor

Design tip: If a modern farmhouse style nursery isn’t your thing, don’t be afraid to take the same layout and mix it up! How pretty would a floral wreath be with a colorful background? You know that aisle filled with scrapbook paper (scrapbooking always seems like a good idea, until you sit down to do it.) So here’s a perfect way to use that gorgeous paper! Cover the black part of the chalkboard with your favorite paper (hello gold glitter paper use), and hang an all white wreath of magnolias… or your favorite nursery accent color. The options are endless!

Beyond taking less than 5 minutes to make, this project is one of our favorites because it is so on trend and can really be used anywhere in your home. I’d love these in my living room! They can add that sophisticated gender neutral look to any nursery, or room for that matter.  Let us know where you’d put this amazing farmhouse wall décor in your house. And don’t forget to check out the full details on Fletcher’s Farmhouse Nursery.

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