Modern Baby Lounger - for mom or baby?

"This wasn't available when my kids were young..."  Yes, yes... we know. We hear this comment all too often, although, it is kind of nice to know that fashion-conscious parents everywhere finally put an end to the dancing bear themed products of yester-year. All of a sudden (okay, so about 5 years ago), modern nursery design became a huge trend. Clean lines, simple structures... but you have to wonder, was this created for the parents or the child? Take for example, this beautiful baby lounger from Bloom. I almost want to display it in my home even after the kiddos have outgrown it (and probably will have to, since it has a pricey tag of $199.99). The baby has no idea that they are sitting (and pooping) in a modern work of art, but the parents, oooooh we know, don't we? And somehow a little part of us thinks it's even cuter for them to be pooping in that creatively master-pieced work of baby-bouncer-art. A little part of me wants to sit on it and see if my adult weight makes the wood POP? That wood bending like that is pretty freakin' cool. But, I don't know if I could ever recover from my butt breaking a "seemingly sturdy" plank of wood. Reality? That gorgeous piece of baby-lounging-goodness needs to vibrate, rock itself, and somehow hold a bottle up so that Mom can have just a FEW minutes of peace hands-free while baby eats. Now THAT is true modern design genius. I'm still working hard on my kiddos new rooms. Ashlyn's is the easiest of course, pink, pink, turquoise, pink, roses, bling, and a little more pink. Sometimes I feel like I'm bleeding money into her room. It might actually be cheaper to just staple gun dollar bills to her wall. But then, what fun would that be? My son's room (Cade) on the other hand is still a work in progress. I ordered him the swing that matches PERFECTLY to our new Boutique Collection duvet. And the painters are covering his walls in a light bright blue. The furniture is brown, the trim & doors will be dark brown, and the shutters white. I wanted to accent with pops of orange and brown in the room... I feel like that's a color combination that can grow with him. And then I saw this picture today, and now.... I'm thinking stripes. Horizontal stripes. And I have to find out WHERE can I buy that orange rug??? To be continued.... (now I'm going to search feverishly online to find that rug).

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