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You've planned the nursery, picked out the crib sheets, fluffed the ruffle skirts, painted the walls in your favorite shades, and adorned them with the cutest accessories. Your friends have deemed you the nursery design guru. Now, flash forward past endless nights of feeding, crying, changing diapers, washing outfits and sheets, and picking up toys scattered across your beautiful masterpiece of a room. Don't get us wrong, there were probably also a lot of good, memorable moments scattered in between and filled with giggling and love. But the point here is the nursery you spend so much time laboring over, decorating, and then living in will not last. Your little girl will soon grow into a little toddler and before you know it, she will be a little teenager with her own tastes. Cue the big girl bedding! Maybe more so with little girls than little boys, your not-so-little daughter will soon want to update her room as she begins to develop her own sense of style. Her personality will begin to shine through, and when this time comes, don't cry. I mean, you are completely allowed to cry because your little baby is growing up. But don't you dare cry when your one-of-a-kind nursery goes out the window! Big girl bedding can be just as adorable! Do you still want to retain some of that little girl sweetness? Try out Caden Lane's Everly's Garden Big Girl Bedding to keep the pop of colors, but with a more mature edge! But not too mature that we can't add in the ruffled pillow shams to ensure her room stays fun  and carefree. She will love the mix of pretty coral and navy, and the flirty floral print is easy to accessorize as you slowly redecorate the rest of the room! Floral Big Girl Bedding   When your inevitably daughter decides that she doesn't want anything closely resembling pink or girly in her new big girl bedding, you will have to first take a deep breath and then whisper the word "compromise." If it's the color that she doesn't like, an easy solution is to find big girl bedding in a neutral color! Like the bedroom below, your daughter will still get to sleep in the big girl bed, but you can choose to decorate the rest of the room in pretty shades to compensate for the lack of color in the bedding set! Problem solved!  

Big Girl Beddingvia Oh Happy Play

All moms are stylish, creative individuals, so we would never even imagine you would fall out of love with the nursery design you originally chose in your daughter's room. BUT, if the nursery didn't turn out exactly as you imagined it would in your mind and you've been looking for an excuse to redo it, big girl bedding is the answer! Below is another neutral option for your growing daughter. The mint pairs perfectly with the gray, giving it a very soft touch of color. You'll be able to use this minty coolness throughout the rest of the room, and all of her friends will adore her when they come over to play! When you use the Gray Arrow Duvet as your pick for the big girl bedding, there isn't anyone who won't fall in love with the print!   Arrow Big Girl Bedding   Which big girl bedding set is your favorite? What tips and tricks can you give other moms out there on making the transition?

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  • Noelle Bryant

    Thank you so much for featuring my daughters room! What a great read!

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