Must Have Nursery Accessories

I remember the excitement I felt when I went to register! I couldn’t wait to drag my husband through the aisles of the megastores with my scan gun in tow looking for big ticket items and must have nursery accessories. It was a slightly different set of emotions when I finally went through those sliding doors. All those emotions could be summed up by one word: overwhelmed!!! I thought I had everything figured out until I realized that I didn’t actually have ANYTHING figured out. So let me save you at least a little bit of a headache by offering you some advice. Yes, megastores are great for the big things like bassinets and economy sized boxes of diapers. But, skip them for the fun things like accessories. That’s where Caden Lane steps in to relieve some of that stress. When it comes to must-have nursery accessories, Caden Lane has just what you’ve been looking for. Here are some of my favorites. First things first, the bibs! What is not to love about all of their options? I love the Bibdanas for all the slobbery drool that comes along with those dreaded teething days. It looks fashionable but also serves a purpose of keeping their clothes free of pools of drool. For messy eating (and my son loved sweet potatoes, which got everywhere!), I loved the Coated Bib. My son loved his Red Stripe/Red Circle Dot one (Discontinued). The coating makes it so easy to just wipe food right off and the pocket at the bottom catches runaway food that you can just dump out later!

red stripe coated bib - a must have nursery accessory

My next two favorites kind of go together. I love the nursing covers and boppy covers. My boppy was my best friend for basically the first year of my son’s life, so naturally, I needed something that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. I really love the Navy Mod Mix cover with the super plush minky fabric on the bottom. Its level of comfort for mom and baby is unbeatable. Have a little girl? Molly’s Mint cover is so perfect with the same soft minky, but with the added bonus of ruffles. When you are a new momma spending hours of the day nursing, or just using the boppy to hold your new little one, you will be thankful you have a beautiful and comfortable cover like Caden Lane’s. This brings me to my next favorite item. I love their nursing covers. I absolutely adore the Aqua and Silver Sparkle cover. It has a rigid neckline so you can still make eye contact with your baby. And it’s full coverage so you feel comfortable. It is a MUST HAVE for nursing mamas.

Aqua Sparkle Nursing Cover - A Must Have Nursery Accessory

Next, skip the cheap itty bitty baby towels and please invest in several of their hooded towels. They have taken my son from his newborn days to his much more stinky and dirtier toddler days. And he still has room to grow! I love the Woodland Deer and it’s perfect for a boy or girl!

Woodland Deer Hooded Towel - a must have nursery accessory

Last, but definitely not least, the burp sets! I got plenty of different types of burp clothes from here and there. The burp sets from Caden Lane are by far my favorite! They have an assortment of adorable colors and fabrics and the cloth themselves are so soft and absorbent for those inevitable spit up explosions. Caden Lane has plenty of other great must have nursery accessories, but these are my most favorite. Which accessory do you think would be your favorite?

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