My Bonus Day.

Today will be written off as a bonus day, you see, I spent ALL DAY thinking tomorrow was my birthday -July 2nd. And it's not just any birthday - it's also my son's birthday. We share the same birthday. First thing this morning, I  told Cade that tomorrow was his birthday! We celebrated. We danced. He jumped around screaming "i'm going to be FIVE!" And... I told at least 10 people during the work day that tomorrow I turn one-year-closer to my mid-30's. I whined, I complained, I cracked stupid jokes about getting older. Funny thing is, today is June 30th. And tomorrow is July 1st. All day I spent mourning the last day of being 30. Around 5:30pm, one of the girls at work finally said, "Katy, I think your birthday is Friday"...."WHAT?!? No, it's July 2nd," I said with confidence. She replied, "and today is June 30th." Well crap. Always the optimist... BONUS DAY! Coincidentally, my first born and I share the same birthday - July 2 - not on purpose, in fact, quiet the opposite. I even tried to have him the day before by purposely scheduling induction on July 1st... My original due date was July 6th, and I knew he could not be born that day b/c that was my brother's birthday, and July 4th was a holiday (see comments on that below), July 3rd was my sisters birthday, and July 2nd was mine, having the baby late was not an option, and since the birthstone for July was better than June (b/c yes, that does matter)... that left me with July 5th and July 1st. Done. **side note - yes, my siblings and I did the math, my parents anniversary was 10 months before the first week of July, surely it is no coincidence that 3 of my 4 birth siblings were born all within days of eachother.** "Special Birthdays" - I'm just not one of those moms that would love to have her baby on a birthday, anniversary, holidays... you see, those are my daysstill. I hear mom's all day say "maybe he/she will be born on my anniversary... on valentines day... on Christmas..." Oh, those poor Christmas babies. I know for a fact if it was my kids I'd just hold aside some of Santa's gifts. They would for sure get screwed. No question. And what fun is in getting all your gifts one day of the entire year? No thank you. Here's the deal, my kids get every other freakin' day from me, 100%. Is it so terrible to want to keep those few days I have every year to myself? Can't I claim them my own? Where I get to do anything I want? Is it so awful that on Mother's day every year all I reeeaaally want is a day at the spa AWAY from everything that made me a mother? I love my family dearly, but I appreciate those days that are mine. They are my sanity. My rock. We all know that our husbands milk their days. We should be able to milk ours. When else do you get to use the excuse, "because it's my birthday"!?! Days where my husband has to do the bathing of the kids, washing of the dishes, everything....  But alas, all the obsessive planning in the world can't control everything. 24 hours of labor later (which ended in a C-section), there we were... sharing birthdays... forever. I love him just as much as I would have had he been born on July 1st like I planned... but for the rest of my life... I know share the one day that was supposed to be my own. This is so not fair. Meet Cade Jackson. Birthday boy "officially" on Friday. Cade was born 7lbs, 2oz, and sometime around 7:00ish. Had I written it in my baby book, I could probably be more specific. (Mom of the Year, yes I know.) And  he was absolutely perfect. Even from day 1 Cade was a multi-tasker, Cade was the first scheduled induction our University Hospital had ever done, he traveled to his first market in New York at barely 5 weeks old, and he was a pro at nursing in his mother's lap while I was on the phone with a store, and emailing orders at the same time. I train them early in this casa.  Here's a picture from our first market together at ENK Children's Club. Turns out a cute little baby is one of the best marketing tactics ever. And then he went to Vegas at only 7 weeks old for the ABC Kids Expo to help launch the first of our bedding collections - the Classic Collection, and the set that started it all, the Cade 4 piece Bedding Set. DISCLAIMER - I just realized I have the same green shirt on in both pictures. My boobies were so BIG from breastfeeding, I remember it being one of the only shirts that fit! Ha! Pretty sure those skirts had elastic on them too! Also, I can't believe how ghetto our booth was back then! It's so funny to look back at pictures from the beginning... it really tells a story about how it all came together, doesn't it! Next week I'll blog about all the markets we've done, and learning how to maximize our booth space! Maybe even put pictures of all our booths - so you can see how we've progressed too! Happy Birthday Cade. Five years ago you came into my life, and I have never loved anything more. I am so proud of you, and I look forward to all the adventures to come - and celebrating our birthdays together for many many years!


  • Jayme Gonzalez

    Such a great post, Katy! Happy birthday to both you and cutie Cade.:)

  • Kate Robinson

    Loved the post! Happy Bithday to Katy and Cade!

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