Nautical Nursery Baby Name Sign & Wall Decor

Nautical Nursery Wall Décor - Simple DIY Rope Name Sign

One of our favorite part’s of Luke’s Nautical Nursery was the DIY nautical rope sign. It’s the perfect mix of rustic and nautical, not to mention a great way to celebrate your baby’s name you spent hours picking out – there has to be some mention of it in the room, right? Here we’ll show you exactly how to go about making the name sign for yourself. Trust us it’s super simple, even the most un-crafty of people should be able to tackle this nautical nursery wall decor DIY project!

So let’s start out with what supplies you’re going to need.

Nautical Rope Name Sign DIY Supplies - Rope, Rustic Board, Scissors & Hot Glue Gun

You can go ahead and ignore the paint brush in this picture. We initially thought that we were going to paint some waves below the name to make it more nautical and potentially less rodeo, but we loved how it turned out without them. You could also opt to whitewash the rope with some white paint, but we chose not to take that route as well once we got the name on the sign. :)

So all you are going to need is a bundle of rope, a wood plank sign (we found ours pre-assembled at Hobby Lobby), some sharp scissors, and a hot glue gun. That’s it just those 4 things! – 5 if you count the glue sticks – but we’re not being picky here.

Now to get started, you might want to draw out your baby’s name on some scratch paper to get an idea of the shape of the letters you like, or you can just wing it like we did! The rope has a way of falling in the right position, so there’s no need to make it perfect – just get an idea of what you want it to look like.

Step 1 to create your nautical wood name sign - lay out the first letter with the rope

Now you’ll want to try and lay out the first letter how you like it and then glue the starting position of the rope. It might be tempting to glue the start of the rope first, but trust us, you’ll want to get an idea of the whole shape of the letter looks like on the board to begin with.

Step 2 to Make Your Own Nautical Nursery Wall Art - Start Hot Gluing the First Letter

From there you want to go back and use your hot glue gun to glue down the beginning of the letter and a few more spots so that the letter stays in the initial shape you laid out. (This may make more sense in the video at the bottom of the post that shows us putting it all together.) We went ahead and left the bottom of the “L” long in case we wanted it to go under the other letters. There should be plenty of rope so the choice is up to you.

Step 3 of this Nautical Nursery DIY Wall Decor - place the second letter in place

Now onto the other letters! We chose to keep the first letter separate and then connect the rest of the letters in “Luke”. So after we cut the extra long piece off of the “L” we placed and glued the rope for the “u” where it looked good to us.

Nautical Nursery Wall Art Name Sign DIY  Step 4 - Cut and Glue as Needed

From here you’ll have to use some discretion as to where you want to cut the rope and where you want it to flow together. This should be pretty natural to figure out, but you can definitely use our sign as a guide. Basically, you’re going to want to cut where you’d have to re-trace your tracks and continue on where you want loops and swirls. And when you cut the rope, don’t worry too much, you’ll just hot glue it at the start of the rope and push/smush the two pieces together.

Step 5 Finish all the letters in your baby's name for the nursery name decor

And that’s about it, keep going until you finish all the letters in the name. And remember if you need a sharper angle than the rope will allow in single piece to cut it and glue! Let the rope guide the shape of the letters and it should turn out just as great as ours!

Once you’ve finished the name, you may want to go back over it and glue any pieces that are loose to the touch.

Luke's Nautical Rope Name Wall Decor for the Nursery

If all of that was somewhat confusing, you will get a better picture of how it all came together with this video of us making the sign.



Let us know if you decide to make one of these nautical signs, we always love to see your finished products and nurseries! And you can check out Luke’s entire Navy Nautical Nursery here.

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