Navy Baby Bedding: A Perfect Color For Any Gender

Deciding a main color that you want throughout your crib bedding can be a hard decision. Navy baby bedding is a perfect neutral color and can be paired with almost any color and look great. Here at Caden Lane we have many custom designer crib bedding that have navy throughout and are popped with bright colors to make everything stand out. Today I am going to talk about a few of our latest Navy Baby Bedding and how navy works well with any gender. If the options I have chosen to talk about does not exactly suit you, you can always visit our website to see all different styles of designer baby bedding. The first Navy Baby bedding designed by Caden Lane I am going to talk about is the Preppy Coral And Navy Crib Set. This crib set is amazing with the perfect amount of coral and navy without either truly over powering one another. This crib bedding is to girly with the ruffled crib skirt and polka dot crib sheet really ties everything together.This baby bedding is perfect for the girly girl you are going to be having. coral and navy baby bedding The second navy crib bedding designed by Caden Lane is the Aqua and Navy Mod Mix which will be great for your handsome little guy. This baby bedding mixes patterns well without washing each other out. The soft aqua and orange in the crib sheet allows the other colors in the crib set really stand out but the soft colors still really stand out. This is a perfect baby bedding for the fun and funky mommy without being two crazy for dad. Like they say you do not ask for permission you ask for forgiveness later. Navu and Aqua Baby Bedding The third and final navy crib set we are going to talk about today is the Navy and Gray Mod baby bedding which is great for the gender neutral nursery if you want it to be a surprise. This crib bedding is a great place to start for a gender neutral, navy works well for both boys and girls and colors can be added to this set to make either be more feminine or masculine. Navy And Gray Mod Baby Bedding

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