Newborn Baby Going Home Gowns that are Perfect for Pictures

Newborn Gowns - The Perfect Way to Accessorize Newborn Photos

Newborn Gowns - The Perfect Way to Accessorize Newborn Photos

Your little one is either on the way or newly here and of course you want to capture every special moment of their lives. With all the final touches in planning for your new member of the family you also have to think about your newborn photos that just fall a week or two after having your baby. What is easier than starting off your ideas with a newborn gown or outfit and then deciding what other props you want to use to create the perfect image? Newborn gowns come in all different styles from snaps to sacks! The sacks are great for an easy diaper change but the ones with convertible snaps tend to help keep the gown in place so it doesn't ride up on your baby. Like a trend in the nursery, infant gowns follow closely with the same trends. The vintage look is huge in these baby gowns.  With lace trim and  pom pom balls this just screams girly perfection! This look just needs a fabulous headband, a great background and a Jellycat or two for simple yet gorgeous newborn photos.

Newborn Layettes and Background Ideas

Newborn Wreath PhotosCharleigh's Navy Floral Newborn Gown and Wreath Monthly Milestone Blanket™ from Batzkids

How sweet and easy is that garland floral wreath with an adorable newborn gown? Just run to your local craft store and grab some cute flowers and the greenery and you will be set. Batzkids also has a great idea with their milestone swaddle blanket for some of your first images. And how easy is it to lay your newborn on either a baby blanket or crib sheet to bring in a little of your nursery style.

Newborn Photos with Props

                   Newborn Image with PropsLucy's Mint Rose Newborn Gown | Chic Roses Newborn Gown

 Feel like your newborn photos need an extra pop of color? Add some props like plush Jellycat animals, chewbeads, headbands, or bows and you'll get that extra color without taking away from your gorgeous baby.  These are also great items that you might even already have on hand! What else could you possibly want to create the finishing touches for your newborn photos?

 Trends, Trends, Trends

Staying on TrendCaden Lane Bedding | Pottery Barn Bedding | Charming Unicorns Newborn Gown

Of course every momma wants to follow the latest trends in their nursery and baby bedding and the same goes for newborn photos. It's kind of like a time capsule that you can say "that was the style back then" years from now. Plus, the nursery is the perfect place for baby pictures! With current trends like lace, gold, and pom pom balls how could you possibly go wrong with any of that? You'll notice that our newborn gowns follow closely with the trends you want in your baby’s room and even match some of our bedding, making it the perfect backdrop.

With so many baby girl layettes which one best fits your newborn photo style?

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