Nursery Decor: Wall Letters, Art and More

To complete any nursery you must add wall decor. Nursery decor can range from wall letters, wall art, wall decals, and framed mirrors. Caden Lane offers this and more to help you put the finishing touches on your nursery so that you can create a warm, cheerful, and homey baby room. We love personalized nursery decor such as your baby's name or initials on the art work or spell your baby's name with fun wall letters. This image below features one of Caden Lane's bedding sets with a monogrammed canvas above. The following image is a perfect example of a chic and fun way to use wall art and letters. The last image shows an example of one of Caden Lane's wall art options customized with the baby's name. nursery decor nursery decor nursery decor Nursery decor creates a cohesive look throughout the room. With wall letters and art you can turn a plain nursery into a fun, charming, and chic baby room. Below are examples of finished nurseries using Caden Lane bedding and wall decor. The top left picture features our Ikat Pink square accent pillow. The image below that features our Dylan Pink Vintage baby bedding and the last image to the right features our Lila Chevron baby bedding. Keep in mind when choosing wall art that it doesn't have to be so matchy matchy. Have fun choosing accenting colors and playing around with it! nursery decor

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