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Our designer Katy Mimari takes some time to answer some of our questions on how she got started and how to start your own nursery design. Find out what helps our nursery designer get inspired and get some inspiration for your own nursery below! How did you get into nursery design?

The first nursery I designed was actually my own! In fact, that’s how our company grew from just diaper bags to baby bedding! I started designing the nursery for my son, and realized there wasn’t much more than teddy bear themed crib sets. I wanted something more modern and color driven, so I designed my first collection of fabrics and we introduced our Classic Bedding Collection a few months later. Fun fact: my son actually used my original sample as his own crib set!

What is your favorite part of designing a nursery?

I love the discovery process, finding what inspires you, and creating the dream nursery around that. As a nursery designer, I always recommend starting with the crib bedding, textiles are a great way to introduce a color palette and set the tone for the design. And if you need inspiration, bedding is also a great way to get inspiration and ideas for the space.

"I always recommend starting with the crib bedding" quote from our nursery designerWhere do you find/see trends in nursery design?

There are so many variables in design trends! Sometimes I see a shirt, or painting that inspires a collection for us, but my absolute favorite place to do some trend spotting is through social media sites like Pinterest. I love that the internet has become an unlimited resource for design inspiration and shopping. You don’t have to be a professional designer any more to create the same look in your own nursery.

Do you recommend themes?

I’m not a big fan of picking a theme, like dinosaurs, and then repeating it throughout the room. Sometimes it can be overkill. But I do love the idea of starting with a theme, maybe vintage sports, or even specific colors like coral or mint, and incorporating them in different ways throughout the room. Sometimes less is more with themes! Some of the best nursery designs I’ve seen are unexpected and original. I was just helping a mom in our store, Nursery Couture, design her nautical themed nursery, and we paired it with our Brett’s Navy Gingham collection – the simplicity of the pattern coordinates with the anchors and boat décor.

Nautical Nursery Design Inspiration Board

What do you see as the biggest thing that pulls a room together?

The crib bedding is a great way to pull everything together. If your walls are coral, and your rug is navy, you can use your bedding and accents to pull it all together. One of my favorite new crib sets is our Charlie’s Coral & Navy Floral Baby Bedding – it’s the perfect combination of colors for a coral and navy nursery design, with touches of aqua and pink! It’s just gorgeous!

Charlie's Coral & Navy Crib Bedding Collection

Do you have any advice for making the nursery your own?

I love when people incorporate family heirlooms, or personal pieces that add charm and have memories associated with them. Repainting furniture has been trending a lot lately, and I’ve worked with several clients who’ve even used their own bedroom furniture in their nursery design. It’s a wonder what a few coats of paint will do to an old oak-y dresser!

You have designed three nurseries of your own, did you have a favorite? Why?

I loved all of them, each one was created with a new design trend that I was obsessing over at the time. My oldest, Cade’s room was based around blue and brown stripes and dots. I remember my own mother balking at the idea of using the color brown in the nursery, and within the year the color combination was the most popular for boy’s rooms! My middle child, Ashlyn’s room had a large painted tree on the wall and modern vintage style prints. And my youngest, Lila, had the most popular nursery by far! Her pink and turquoise chevron room is one of the top pinned nurseries on pinterest, and has been featured in several magazines and design blogs.

Nursery Designer, Katy Mimari's Daughter's Popular Chevron Nursery

Where should you splurge and where should you save?

I do believe you get what you pay for (in most circumstances). Even though silk bedding in the nursery is beautiful, it’s not practical at all. Recently the Jenny Lind style cribs have gained popularity, I love their vintage appeal, and the price tag isn’t too shabby either – less than $200 for a crib! Obviously, I don’t think you should go too cheap on the bedding – afterall, you want something that your baby can have lots of sweet dreams on! And, you want something that lasts wash after wash! Another important purchase is a nice glider, you’re going to spend countless hours in that chair nursing, feeding, reading books, singing songs, and lots and lots of cuddles. Look for a chair that’s going to last, hopefully through a few kiddos too!

What would be your biggest piece of advice for someone designing their own nursery?

Don’t be afraid to be different! Nursery design goes so far beyond the basic pink and blues that we grew up with. Some of the girliest room designs I’ve seen use navy as a primary color, and above anything else – let the nursery design grow with the baby. Trust me, you don’t want to have to redesign the entire room in two years when they quickly outgrow the crib.

So there you have it! We hope you found our nursery designer’s take on where to get started as useful as we did. If you have any other questions you’d like to ask leave a comment below! We’re always happy to help!    


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