DIY: How to Make Your Own PomPom Ball Garland for the Nursery

Nursery DIY: PomPom Ball Garland

Who is feeling crafty? Well, we always are! We put together a fun and easy nursery DIY to make your own pompom ball garland. I mean hello who does not like a little DIY nursery decor? And they really are great for any gender. Have your girlfriends over for a little craft and wine night (well the wine for the non-prego friends) and you could knock this cute DIY out in an hour or two. You just have to decide on your favorite crib bedding or crib sheet that way the color yarn will be simple once you go to your local craft store.

We have created a really inexpensive way to make the pompom balls. What is better than picking the exact colors to match your nursery theme or just simply anywhere around your house? You just need a few simple supplies that you can either order online or pick up quickly at a craft store while you are out and about. You only need an hour or two to bring a little fun to any wall in your baby's nursery.

Neon nursery with colorful DIY pompom garland

We are seriously obsessed with everything baby so of course, we had to show you the amazingness of the pompom garland above a crib. But these would go great on any wall in the nursery, think changing table or gallery wall for texture.  So here are all the supplies you will need to get started creating your own garland:

  • Clover pompom maker (we used the extra-large 4 ½ inch and large 3 3/8 inch for different sizes on our garland), you can find these at a local craft store like JoAnn’s fabric or purchase on Amazon. $6.99-$9.99
  • Knitting Yarn (as many colors as you want to incorporate in your garland) I would also get the size of yarn based on the number of colors you want. The large size would be great for 2 or 3 colors and the small size is all you would need for 4 or more colors. $3.99
  • Scissors just regular scissors you probably have laying around the house somewhere. $2.99

The total cost would be around $30.00, depending on the number of colors you are wanting to use.  Just think, if you order online you never really know what you are getting and this way you can match everything perfectly!

So how do you make this AMAZING pompom garland? Here is your step by step guide:

Pompom Garland DIY SuppliesStep 1: You'll need to gather all the supplies you need to create your nursery DIY masterpiece. Start with your pompom maker which you can easily search for on amazon, or run out to your local craft store to get. And do not be afraid to ask if you cannot find it. The ladies at the craft store are typically very friendly and it’s a win-win because you can get the rest of the supplies while you are there. All you need to decide on now is the color of yarn you want. When you are home, grab some scissors, a kitchen table, and a group of friends if you want some company.


Wrapping the Pompom MakerStep 2: Now it is time to start making your pompom balls! The pompom maker can look intimidating at first but really it's very simple once you realize how it works, and honestly makes things so much simpler for this project. All you do is open up your pompom maker and split the arches in half - keeping 2 arches together on one side and the other 2 arches together on the other side. Take one yarn color and start wrapping it at one end around one set of 2 arches (the more you wrap around the thicker the pom will be). Once you finish one side, you can keep the yarn connected and start wrapping the other set of arches. Don't worry about the yarn connecting the two sides, it will get cut off once you begin trimming your pom.


Cutting the yarn on the pompom makerStep 3: Once you finish wrapping your arches then you close both arches to get the original circle of your pom maker, like when it was originally packaged. Then you take your scissors and cut down the middle of both arches but do not open the pom maker just yet (the pompom will fall apart).


Tying the pompom togetherStep 4: Now you tie everything together! Take your yarn and start at the bottom of the pompom maker, where the crevice you just cut around is, and then come around to the top where your 2 pieces of yarn meet. Tie your yarn together in a simple knot. The yarn will go down into the pom maker (that is supposed to happen) and make sure it is tight! Now separate the arches and pull the 2 pieces of your pompom maker apart and "voila!" there is your PERFECT pompom ball. Trim the yarn to make the pom look even better. 

Repeat this process until you have the amount of pompom balls you are wanting!

Tying the pompoms on the string to create a garlandStep 5: Tying the poms together to make your complete garland! Pick whatever color yarn you would like as your yarn to tie all your pompom balls on to. We suggest a white or a light color so it does not take away from the poms. Then you create a loop in the yarn and place the ball in the center and pull to tighten. You repeat this all the way down until you complete your garland. How many poms and how much space you put in between them is a personal choice you will decide on as the creator.

Now you have your completed DIY pompom garland, I bet it looks amazing, and you just have to decide where/how you want to hang it. We used a cute saying that we had cut from a local wood cutter or you can use your baby's name as well. The sign comes as a naked wood and then you can paint whatever color you want on it. We used regular craft paint that we purchased at the same local craft store we got all of our other supplies from, and painted the sign in just a few minutes. We placed our sign on the wall and then added our garland around it - we think it turned out super cute!

painted wood saying "so loved" with nursery DIY pompom garland

I hope you had as much fun with this project as we did! What color pompom balls are you thinking about putting on your garland?

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