Nursery Wall Décor: Gallery Wall Perfection

If you're looking for the perfect nursery wall decor then look no further than a gallery wall. There is just something about a gallery wall that makes any nursery feel complete. Whether it be angelic images of your newborn, signs with inspirational sayings or funky pictures illustrating your nursery theme, a gallery wall ties all those loose ends together. When I found out I was expecting my little guy, I was at a loss for what direction to go. One sleepless second trimester night, I found myself on Etsy. I happened upon a really great shop by the name of MKKM Design. And just like that, I had a nursery theme! I found a set of images of nursery wall décor that had a travel theme and the rest is history.   travel inspired gallery wall

Fun and Adventurous Boy's Gallery Wall from MKKM Design on Etsy

The great thing about gallery walls is that the possibilities are endless and can fit in perfectly with ANY nursery theme. They look great hung securely above a crib, changing table, or just on a bare wall that you can't figure out how to fill.  Have a shabby chic theme? Old antique frames are a perfect holder for any photo. Just add a few pops of color and words like “LOVE” and you’re set. What about a nursery running wild with an animal theme? Pictures of different animals scattered around your little one’s name is just the key.   Free Gallery Prints Shabby Chic Wall Gender Neutral Gallery

Cute and Free Gallery Prints | Shabby Chic Wall Decor | Gender Neutral Gallery Wall

A great place for odds and ends is Hobby Lobby or Home Goods. The row upon row of décor may appear exhausting but with enough patience and determination, your nursery wall décor will be complete by the end of your shopping trip. The more eclectic, the better! All you need is a common theme or even just the same accent color and that wall you thought would look bare forever is now the key focal point in your dream nursery! Animal nursery gallery wall inspiration

Animal Gallery Wall from Project Nursery

What’s even better is it gives your bundle of joy something new and exciting to look at. One word of advice though: be careful how low you hang some things. Wandering little fingers love gallery walls when they are big enough to reach them!  

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