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Our 3 Favorite Pregnancy Tracker Apps

When you’re pregnant all of the information you get can be a little overwhelming, but there are a bunch of apps out there that can help! So, today we want to touch on some of our favorite pregnancy apps. Especially since there are so many out there, we‘ll narrow it down to our top 3 pregnancy apps and share with you why they are our favorite while explaining some of their amazing features.


Ovia Pregnancy App one of our favorite pregnancy tracker apps

First up is our favorite pregnancy app called Ovia Pregnancy. One of the best parts about the Ovia app is that they also have a fertility app, and a parenting app! So they can grow with you through the entire process of starting your family! If you need help in the very beginning of family planning or keeping up with your growing child later on it makes it super easy since you’re already familiar with the layout and style. I personally love apps that you can grow with especially when being a new mom is scary at times and it is nice to relate to others when it comes to these new and exciting times.

On the Ovia pregnancy app you start by filling out a brief questionnaire like name, birthday, pre-pregnancy weight, height and zip. From there they give you your estimated due date, what trimester you are in and information about your baby at the amount of weeks you are and they also talk about common symptoms that might be going on with your body. Each week they compare baby’s hand print to how big a full term baby’s hand would be so you get to relate the growth to a tiny newborn hand... How cute is that!  Feel free to upload your weekly pictures of your stomach to see the change week by week. They also have a section to make notes on what to ask the doctor, what you might need to do or buy, baby name ideas and tons of others categories. So for moms who love to be organized and have things planned this may be your favorite feature of the app! If you are someone who wants to interact with other moms-to-be they have a private community where you can compare cravings or ask questions. The best part about this app is it is so easy to use! There are so many perks on this app that you need to check it out! Did I mention the Ovia apps are completely free! Even better right?

What to Expect

What to Expect Pregnancy Tracker App a Great App to Understand Your Pregnancy

Our next favorite parenting app has got to be What to Expect. If you have read the What to Expect books by Heidi Murkoff you know just how helpful they are! The app has all the same information as the book along with your week by week map of how you might feel, changes that going on and how big the baby is at that week. The tab that they label “test and screening” keeps you updated on some of the main tests you will be experiencing, and what to expect at each doctor’s appointment. Like Ovia, they have a community chat group where you can talk to other moms that are experiencing similar things or even ask their opinion on baby names. The writer and creator of What to Expect, Heidi Murkoff, has created week by week videos which will help you to thoroughly understand testing and changes that might be going on. And once you get into your last few weeks of pregnancy this app will inform you of all the signs and symptoms of labor. This app is loaded with a ton of information that will help you understand your pregnancy.


The Bump Pregancy Tracker App a Favorite Pregnancy App

Our final favorite pregnancy app is the BUMP. Similar to both of the other apps you answer a few basic questions to get started. One thing that is different, though, is that this app doesn’t help figure out your estimated due date, so this one works a little better after you have already gotten that information from your doctor. A great thing that sets this app apart is that you get to keep track of your doctor appointments and even your registry. Which with pregnancy brain it is extremely helpful to have those dates stored in your phone. It can even send you a reminder about your appointments. Instead of a community section like the other two apps they have a “real answers” tab where you can look up any question you might have and you get answers instantly. And similar to Ovia, it has a placeto upload and keep track of your bump pictures.

                 Whether it is your first pregnancy or you have done it a time or two before, all this information is extremely helpful and will keep you aware of some of the many changes your body will be experience. You will be well informed and more organized with any of these three apps. These apps have a ton of features that we could spend all day listing. Download them and find out all the perks! Let us know in the comments which app worked for you!


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