Our Favorite Baby Shower Games

Throwing a baby shower? Besides the food, decorations, and punch, you probably have your hands full. But don't forget about entertainment! The mom-to-be will be excited to see all of her friends and to celebrate, but add a few baby shower games to keep the excitement going around!

Baby Shower Game #1: Taste the Baby Food How to Play: Set out a paper plate for each guest. Using five or six different flavors of baby food, place one spoonful of each flavor on the plate. Hand a plate, a plastic spoon, a piece of paper and a pen to each guest. Have them sample each food and write down their guess for what each food is.

Baby Shower Game #1Image Source

Baby Shower Game #2: Guess the Baby Poop How to Play: In the mood for a bit of gross but delicious fun? Melt mini candy bars into diapers and have the guests taste test each one to guess which candy bar it is. The person with the most right answers wins! This may sound like a digesting twist on something that's supposed to be fun and light, but you'd be surprised the amounts of laughter you'll receive after everyone starts the game. And who doesn't enjoy chocolate!

Baby Shower Game #2Image Source

Baby Shower Game #3: Celebrity Mamas How to Play: Tape a picture of a famous mom or celebrity who is currently pregnant on the backs of your guests without letting them see. Have each person try to guess who their celebrity mama is by asking around the room "yes" or "no" questions. The first person to guess correctly without help wins! Celebrity Mamas Baby Shower Games Jennifer Lopez (R) and daughter Emme attend the Gucci Children's Collection event on November 20, 2010 in Beverly Hills, California. Image Source[/caption]  

Baby Shower Game #4: Prego or Horror Film? How to Play: Find headshot of women in labor and women in horror films. Guess if the subject in the picture is in a horror film or in labor. We know both are most likely scared out of their minds! Find out more about other fun baby shower games here!

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