Our Favorite Multi-Use Cover 3 Ways

Our Favorite Multi-Use Cover 3 Ways

All of us moms out there know that #moming is hard work and we will take all the help we can get!  So when there is an accessory out there that has more than one use, you better bet I will try it out.  These Caden Lane two-toned multi-use covers are a godsend because they are lightweight, super soft, and stylish!  The best part is that you are able to not only use this cover for nursing but also as a car seat cover AND a shopping cart cover.  Simple and easy - that’s what I am all about these days!

Nursing Cover

Multi-Use Two-Tone Nursing Cover

Caden Lane Black & Charcoal Two-Tone Multi-Use Nursing Cover

The primary use for this cover is nursing.  The stretchy, light-weight fabric is soft and breathable so baby and mom can stay cool, calm, and collected while nursing.  The great thing about this cover is that you can easily fit it in your purse or diaper bag. Or, if you are using it as a car sear cover you can whip it off and put it on!  I love that there is 360-degree coverage so you are covered at all angles when nursing.  The top of the cover has a smaller opening like a poncho so it won’t fall off of your shoulders when it is on, while the bottom has a larger opening. Plus, they are wide and long enough to reach to your waist while still being stretchy!  This is a no fuss, easy alternative to other nursing covers that just cover the front while nursing and have to be adjusted to fit around your neck. 

Car Sear Cover

Multi-Use Two-Tone Car Seat Cover

Teal & Coral Two-Tone Multifunctional Car Seat Cover | Mint & Teal Two-Tone Multifunctional Car Seat Cover

Using this multi-functional cover for a car seat cover is easy because it can go straight from a nursing cover to a cover for your snoozing milk drunk baby. The cover can quickly be slipped over your car seat when you are out and about strolling or toting your bundle of joy around town. These covers are designed to be stretchy to fit all the way around any car seat and have an opening for the car seat handle to go through.  The gap is large enough so you can slip your arm through the handle for easy handling and easy access to check in on your baby.  The stretchy, breathable fabric is amazing and works great as a car seat canopy cover.  The two-tone colors Caden Lane offers are also super cute and are the perfect mix for any mom out there.  I have a hard time choosing my favorite!

Shopping Cart Cover

Multi-Use Two-Tone Shopping Cart Cover

Mint & Teal Two-Tone Multifunctional Car Seat Cover

These super cool covers can also be used as a shopping cart cover for when your baby gets out of the newborn and infant stages! The functionality of these covers is just great. I love how they can be used for long periods of time and not just one of those accessories that can only be used when your baby is a newborn.  I love a good investment! Slip this cover on the cart when you are doing your grocery shopping to keep your baby from touching those germy handles.  It’s as simple as that!  Plus these covers are machine washable so you can easily wash in-between uses.

Thank goodness for functionality! These covers are the perfect necessity for any mom or mom-to-be! If I were you I wouldn’t delay in adding one (or two!) of these Caden Lane multi-functional covers to your diaper bag ASAP! Shop them all here.

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