Favorite Nursery Accessories - storage baskets, changing pad covers, and baby blankets

Our Top 3 Nursery Accessories

So your nursery is almost complete – you picked out all of your large furniture items and the perfect baby bedding set! You’re so close to the finish line – but you’re missing a few accessories. We'll you're in luck because we're going to tell you what are the must-have nursery accessories are and why you need them. Your nursery will be finished in no-time!

Storage Bins: A Fun Nursery Accessory for Organization

Our top rated nursery accessory is our fabric storage bins. We can’t get enough of these goodies as they seem to hold everything we can think of and best of all - keep it organized. And trust us once a baby comes you will need to STAY ORGANIZED (as best as you can)!

These amazing storage bins can hold a ton of diapers, wipes, diaper rash crème, bath time essentials, toys, socks, headbands, and burp clothes. The list goes on and on for the storage possibilities. The hardest part will be picking your favorite print! We also love how they are machine washable. Don’t forget to add a monogram, either with your babies name or what you will be storing.

Monogram Storage Bins for Nursery

Storage Bins | Caden Lane

Changing Pad Covers: A Proper Nursery Changing Station is Key

The amount of diaper and clothing changes are endless with a baby, but a changing pad makes a world of difference. Trust us; a proper changing station is a must in any nursery. You will need plenty of changing pad covers – we recommend at least 4. While your changing baby there will be numerous times that somehow some way poop or pee will find its way on that changing pad and you won’t have time to wash the cover by the next diaper change (no matter how hard you try).  Bouncing back to storage bins, we love the storage bins close by on the changing table for life’s messes.

Monogram blanket and Changing Pad Cover in Harlows Nursery

Changing Pad Cover | Caden Lane

Blankets: You Can Never Have Too Many of This Essential Nursery Accessory

We have a ton of blankets to choose from, and you can never have too many. Blankets are a great nursery accessory for tummy and play time. We also love snuggling up with baby! We have stroller blankets that are soft plush minky on one side and printed cotton to match your nursery bedding on the other.  We also have plush minky double sided blanket with satin trims – these amazing blankets also come in a lovie size, that's perfect as a security blanket for your little one.

Minky Baby Blankets for Nursery with monogram and baby

Satin Trim Minky Blanket | Minky Lovie

All of our favorite nursery accessories are great for nursery décor and have a ton of great uses. Remember you can never have too many storage bins, changing pad covers or blankets! What’s your favorite nursery accessory?


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