Dark Floral Nursery Design Trends

Our Top 3 Design Trends for Your Dark Floral Nursery

Wanting to create a gorgeous dark floral nursery? We are loving this trend and think that it’s perfect for that girly nursery that is just a little bit edgy. You want a sweet space for your baby girl, but we know you’ve got style and it’s not just going to be pink. A dark floral nursery is all about creating a bold, but girly look. So here are three of our top design tips for recreating that perfect edgy dark floral nursery.

Dark Floral Backgrounds

Wallpaper is everywhere, and although it can make a bold statement in the baby's room, a less permanent and much more cost effective way to re-create the same look is with a large dark floral tapestry. With its large 4x5 size, it covers a large part of the wall and can easily be personalized for the perfect accent over the crib, over the dresser, or on that huge wall that you can't decide what to cover it with. 

Design Tip: sometimes painting all four walls dark can make a room seem smaller, we recommend using one focal point wall as your dark floral accents, and then bringing in pops of the dark color throughout the decor to tie it all together. A white or light birch wood crib is a gorgeous contrast against the dark floral wall.

 Dark Floral Nursery Wall Trends with Wallpaper & Tapestries

Dark Floral Personalize Wall Tapestry | Floral Nursery via Project Nursery

Lots of Navy Blue

Excuse us boys, but navy is the new trendy color for girls! We love the combination of navy and peach, or navy and pink, it's a great base color, adds warmth to the room, and gives it an unexpected feminine touch. If painting a large wall dark navy seems a little too dark, bring in the deep hues with your crib bedding. One of our favorites is our brand new Navy Midnight Floral Bouquet crib bedding, the print is fresh and floral, and has the perfect shade of navy blue in the background.

Design Tip: when picking a navy paint color, always go dark to avoid it looking bright blue. One of our favorite navy colors is Naval by Sherwin Williams and is the same color used on the navy wall in this gorgeous paper flower nursery.

Dark Floral Nursery Navy Accent Wall & Navy Floral Crib Bedding

Jocelyn's Dark Floral Nursery | Navy Midnight Floral Bouquet Crib Bedding

Light on Dark Layering

Think opposites for this new design trend! Dark walls let white furniture POP off of it, letting the background set the stage for the lighter hues. An easy way to create this look is with wall art (white fonts, dark backgrounds), dark solid crib skirts, sheets, etc on white cribs, and a contrast-y rug to tie it all together. The floral designs still give it a feminine feel, while the bold colors and contrast give it a modern twist. 

We even love this contrast on the crib itself. Our Emery’s crib bedding collection features contrast within itself with soft mint, white and bright blue florals on a dark navy background for an overall dark floral print that is paired together with a lighter mint crib sheet & ivory crib skirt. The key is to have balance. If the accent wall behind your crib is dark, you may want to opt for lighter crib bedding, or you could consider moving the dark accent wall to another wall in the room and make the wall behind the crib lighter with a dark floral crib bedding. Either way, I think sticking to those guidelines will help make your dark floral nursery design work with whatever you choose.

Light on Dark Layering in a Dark Floral Nursery

Emery's Mint & Navy Floral Crib Bedding | Samantha Santana Midnight Floral Wallpaper

Design Tip: Several options are available for light floral vinyl stickers, and we love the combination of the light flowers on a dark painted wall! We are working on a nursery right now with rose gold accents, these gorgeous peony vinyl stickers, and our Rory crib bedding! We can’t wait to share pictures with you, the rose gold accents are what dream nurseries are MADE OF!

What's your favorite part of the dark floral nursery trend? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Alexa Wilcox

    I love these floral and dark combinations. The colors and contrasts make the nursery look very girly and very trendy. It is definitely something that can be carried over and easily transformed as she grows and matures. Beautiful and classy!

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