Our Top 5 Girl Crib Bedding Sets for a Sweet Nursery

Congratulations! It’s a girl! That sono confirms your gut instinct that a tiny little princess will be making her way into your life soon. You knew all those wive’s tales were right all along, from the morning sickness to the ice cream and donut cravings. Sugar and spice and everything nice, and same goes for girl crib bedding! So, where do you start? A go to classic is pink but with today’s hot nursery trends the color possibilities are endless! So here is a great go-to list of my top 5 personal favorites from traditional pink to something a little more edgy.
  1. Let’s start with the quintessential color for girl crib bedding: PINK!! There are a lot of options when it comes to pink from Caden Lane but I suggest Lovely Damask in Vintage Pink and Gray. What is there not to love about this class pink look? It’s simple yet perfect in every way. It’s a beautiful shade of pink with layered ruffles and a subtle damask background on the bumper to finish off the look. Add some vintage pieces for decoration and you have a nursery fit for a queen!Lovely Damask Pink Baby Girl Crib Bedding
  2. Another color you can’t go wrong with is purple. For this shade, look no further than Holly’s Hydrangea Ruffle Bedding. A vibrant floral pattern pops out from the varied shades of purple and accent colors of mint, pink, and gold. The great thing about this bedding is all the fun you can have picking out accent pieces with a touch of gold!Holly's Hydrangea pink and purple baby girl crib bedding
  3. When you think of girl crib bedding, navy is probably not the first color that jumps into mind. However, Everly’s Garden Ruffle Bedding shows that blue isn’t just for the boys these days! The bold navy mixes perfectly with the more feminine tone of coral. Together these two colors create a picture perfect bedding that is traditional yet a little daring at the same time!Navy Baby Girl Crib Bedding, Everly's Garden
  4. So, you are feeling a little sassy! Well, Kate’s Key Bedding may be just the right thing to satisfy that urge to be a little funky! Bright orange, pink, and aqua come together in this exciting bedding set that will have all the relatives talking. You have the option to bring in some really playful accessories such as bright lamp shades or exuberant wall décor.Kate's Key Bright and Fun Baby Girl Crib Bedding
  5. Last but not last, I really like the line of Mod Baby Bedding. This look is a classic with solid pieces of one color mixed with a beautiful lattice print. It comes in a variety of colors that can leave you with a neutral palate to let your imagination run wild with décor pieces and decorative items or you can settle on a color such as pink, aqua, purple or yellow.Mod Lattice Gray and White with an Accent Color for sweet baby girl crib bedding
Honestly, it’s hard to pick favorites with Caden Lane’s girl crib bedding. There is literally a perfect look for any mama and baby girl. Whatever you decide, Caden Lane has your answer!    

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