Pacifier Clips: best invention EVER

We've all been there. You are out (somewhere), with one pacifier. And BAM. It drops. On the floor. You dust it off, look to see if anyone is watching, stick it in your mouth - and pray no one witnessed! Meet pacifier clips, the best invention ever! Caden Lane has a HUGE selection of designer paci-clips. My kids were all paci-babies. I literally would keep 25 of them in the crib at any given time, because I'd be damned if they couldn't find one in the middle of the night! And I would always keep them in every room of the house, my car, my purse - you name it! Pacifier clips are one of those "why didn't I think of that" inventions... a brilliant product that saves mom (and baby) from dirty pacifiers at any moment. Plus - now they are available in cute styles too! pacifier clips

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