Paisley Baby Bedding Is Right on Trend

The blues are out and the purples and pinks are in! Right? Wrong! It's not about color anymore when it comes to nurseries. It's all about the patterns and prints in both baby boy and baby girls nurseries now that we are in the modern, 21st century. Trust us when we tell you that you're going to want to jump on board with this trend because it's not going anywhere anytime soon! Out of all the patterns and prints, the paisley baby bedding set is right on trend, and you're definitely going to want to find your favorite color and set it up in your nursery as soon as you can!

Paisley PerfectionSweet Caroline Paisley Baby Bedding 

Soft pastels and sweet swirls are exactly what you'll get when you choose Caden Lane's Sweet Caroline Ruffle Baby Bedding set. The mix of greens and blues and pinks and purples are just different enough from everything else out there to make you feel original, adorable, and stylish as a new mom! And your baby girl will love it to, with just a touch of flowers and greenery and patterns blending together in the ruffle skirt. The pale blue adds a nice touch to soften the edges of the pillows and the bumper, coming together perfectly in blue bows.  

Paisley Baby Bedding PerfectionPiper's Paisley Baby Bedding

If you want to go for a more bold, statement piece for your daughter's nursery, why not pick out this gem of a paisley baby bedding from Caden Lane?! Piper's Paisley Baby Bedding set is a loud, rambunctious collection of oranges and pinks, and then thrown together with paisley prying in shades of pale green and brilliant turquoise! It's definitely an eye catcher and something to impress your brave and brilliant girl friends with, or embolden your more reserved friends when they come over to visit with your brand new baby girl! And now it's even on sale, so you can grab it at a great price before it's gone!  

Perfect Tribal Beding SetTribal Girl Arrows Crib Sheet

If you want to put a little distance between you and the paisley baby bedding trend, then you may want to try this equally bright and fun print: the tribal arrow crib sheet. It's perfect for those moms who are having baby girls, want some bright colors to liven up their nurseries, and want to remain original in their designs and decorations! The bright, modern colors keep your nursery looking trendy without being cliché or overused, and the arrows add the perfect edge to the girly frill to satisfy anyone! What do you think? Are you going to jump on this trend train or will you stick with something a little off the beaten path? Let us know in the comments below!  

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