Pastel Nursery Designs We Love

Spring is just around the corner, so don't be surprised if you start seeing pastel this and pastel that. It is the color of the season. You can feel it in the air, and pretty soon you may even want to see it in your nursery! A pastel nursery is the perfect option for new moms having either a boy or a girl because it is fresh, clean, and very baby-feeling for a nursery. The colors range in both directions and the soft hues allow you tons of decorating options. Check out some of our favorites below! A pretty example of pastel nursery perfection can be found in one of Caden Lane's very own nursery designs. Baby Scarlett's pastel nursery utilizes a mix and match version of our coral and gold sparkle bedding with a white lace skirt. Coral is the new take on pink for a girl pastel nursery and the lace skirt adds a little extra feminine touch. The gold accents in the bedding are brought out by the accessories placed throughout the nursery. Check out more of her nursery here! Pretty Pastel Nursery in Gold and Coral If you're looking for more color options, why not try the Playful Pastel Ruffle Bedding set, also from Caden Lane. Its the cutest swirling collection of pastels blended to brighten any pastel nursery design. And with the gold accents, you will definitely feel like a princess. Not just pretty in pink, but in all the pastel colors. You will also have a wider range to accessorize your nursery or you can stick to one color since there are so many included in this bedding set. Playful Pastel Nursery If you'd rather stick with a set color scheme, you should definitely consider Sweet Caroline Ruffle Baby Bedding Pastel Crib Set for your pastel nursery design. It is the most satisfying combination of blues and purples you'll ever find in a nursery set. The cute combo add a calming aura to the room that *may* help when you're wishing for sleep, and we aren't talking about for yourself! Add just a hint of green and you have a real winner on your hands for a pastel nursery beauty! Pretty Purple Pastel Nursery So which pastel nursery do you love the most? (I know it's hard to choose!) Let us know how you would decorate yours and share your tips with us!  

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