Pink and Blue Nursery Design

"Do whatever you want, I trust you." Ahhhh, the sweetest words a designer can hear! My sister-in-law is pregnant with her first, and has given me full creative license to do whatever I want in her nursery. It's not completely done yet (more pictures to come, I promise), but I just finished painting the crib wall and just had to share it with the fabulous readers of Project Nursery! The mommy-to-be wanted a girly nursery for her first princess, but didn't want all pink walls. She had room in the nursery for a day bed, and a crib, and we were able to use Caden Lane's Boutique Big Girl Bedding and their brand new Tiny Bouquet bedding together to create the perfect color pallette! Both designs have beautiful flowers in the fabric, and I know I wanted to re-create something floral on the wall. (No more trees! I'm so over trees!!!!) I went to my local craft store with fabric swatches in hand, and bought a variety of pinks and greens that coordinated with both fabrics. I grabbed one of those assorted bags of paintbrushes, some paper plates from home, and a paper towel (just in case!). supplies to paint flowers If you were worried about all the flowers being the same size, you could easily create a stencil with a posterboard or just a plain sheet of paper. I wanted a whimsical look, with each flower slightly different from the rest... so decided to wing it on wall placement. When painting flowers, I've learned that you just have to layer. I always start with a light color as the shape of the flower. Then, dipping my brush in a combination of different colors, I start to create the shapes of the petals... just by dipping one side of my brush into a darker pink, and the other side in a lighter pink, the stroke gives it a shading effect. Best part; if you don't like it, just paint over it. There's no rules as to how many times you have to brush to create that perfect shape. flower steps Once all the flowers are painted with step 1 & 2, I dip a thin brush in the darkest pink, and go back to each flower to add the spiral at the top of the flower. It gives it the "rose" shape, and is great if you need to define any of the "petals" on the flowers. Then, go back, add some pops of leaves, and BAM! If only the wall smelled as good as it looked! I love how the flowers create a dot effect on the wall. They aren't too busy, the large monogram helps add focus to the center of the wall, and it's a design that can grow with the little girl for years to come! More pictures to come soon, promise! pink and blue nursery design LOVE the bedding in the picture above of our pink and blue nursery design? Or decorating your own nursery in pink and turqouise, you can find the pink and blue baby bedding and boutique rose duvet on our website. Happy decorating!

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  • Jennifer Plante

    I am also using the Tiny Bouquet Bedding for my 3rd daughters room. I love what you did!! We painted our walls the aqua color from the bedding and are using a round floral circle stencil we found at Pottery Barn kids from the ceiling to chair rail height. The matching curtain panels would be too much blue in the room and I would love to see a curtain panel with the ruffle pattern of the Light Pink Ruffle Crib Skirt repeated down the whole length of the panel. Can you make me four panels like that in a month??

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