Pink And Gold Baby Bedding:Perfect For A Baby Girl

You found out you are having a baby girl! Congratulations now it it time to pick the perfect colors for your nursery, and we have a ton of baby girl crib bedding. Pink and gold baby bedding is a perfect place to start! Pink we all know is a great color for girls, and adding gold to your nursery is a great way to bring the room some life. Gold is trending throughout all different styles of nurseries, from gold chevrons to gold polka dots to fit all different personalities. Caden Lane, we offer unique custom designs that incorporate all different styles of pink and gold baby bedding. We keep in mind the more trendy moms by adding hot pinks and more gold to make the nursery really stand out. We also think of the more classic moms with are gold and pink crib sets by toning down the pink and having the gold throughout the bedding as well as accessories. You might be having a hard time choosing the perfect pink and gold baby bedding for your nursery. There is endless choices from moderns to classics or from chevrons to dots you may begin to feel overwhelmed. We are here to make designing your nursery enjoyable and easy. Today I am going to help you narrow your search and show you some of the newest pink and gold crib sets that Caden Lane has released. My favorite is this metallic gold baby bedding we just introduced.lilac and gold baby bedding The gold and lilac designer bedding is perfect for the trendy mom. This crib bedding has softer colors and ties in the gold to add the right amount of sparkle. How girly is the pinks and purples in this baby bedding without being to loud. This crib set has just the right amount of pink to add the feminine touch. gold and pink dot The gold dot in this baby bedding is just to trendy, and the pinks in the ruffle skirt really adds color to the room. Love a gold dot nursery? Our Pink and Gold dot Ruffle Baby Bedding allows you to match with all different pink accessories. Pink and gold chevron Lastly, we had to show you a crib set that has chevrons and dots which it is amazing to mix prints. This Caden Lane bedding is good way to have pops of pink throughout the bedding. This bedding is a good way to mix your favorite colors and tie in the gold and different patterns throughout your baby bedding.  

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