Pottery Barn to the rescue!

I remember when I would flip through the pages of the Pottery Barn catalog, dreaming of an entire home furnished and decorated just like the rooms pictured. Slip-covered couches, thick dark wood coffee tables topped with big candles. Big floral prints, and iron wall decorations. Boy has my taste changed. :-) BUT! I must give credit where credit is due... and I gotta say.... their teen collection has been rockin! I don't know why they don't link their teen & kids websites, adding everything to one shopping cart would make life so much easier (and probably help me spend a little more with them)... anyways, I ordered my kiddos two ADORABLE rolling backpacks, and some extra orange jersey sheets (to coordinate with Cade's Boutique bedding)... when I found THIS.  Was this not MADE for the new collection? An 8x10 is $499... not bad! Wave Curl RugWave Curl Rug And how cute would these be on the wall! Not that I want my 5 year old skate boarding... but I bet in a few years, he will think his mom did a pretty cool room for him. (Or he'll think I'm a total dork, but whatever, I'll know his room rocks.) I'm a little pissed that the QUILT on the bed below is very similar in color... but what boy wants a quilt anyways? I think a duvet is much cooler. :-) And looks prettier on the bed. Skate Deck Wall Art, Set of 6Skate Deck Wall Art, Set of 6 And... ON SALE ON SALE ON SALE.... this beautiful, perfectly coordinating, gotta-have, HOT PINK ZEBRA blanket! It even comes in a throw size! Do I need one for myself? I think so! Zebra Blanket, Twin, Green And HOT PINK ZEBRA drawer knobs! Only $7! Score! Zebra Knob, Black Okay, enough shopping for me! Back to work! We are starting to work on the new Pitty Shants prints - available January 2011, baby! Oh, and apparently San Antonio is under hurricane watch, and our office is in the EYE of it! Our power has gone out 3 times in the last hour, and this is my THIRD attempt to finish this post! So while the power is still on.... PEACE OUT! Oh wait, oh wait! I almost forgot. I WANT this furniture from Restoration Hardware. Anyone want Cade's current stuff so I can switch it out for this? Droooooool.....

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