Finding Room to Put the Nursery - New Parent Advice to Prepare for Baby

Preparing for Baby – Where to Put the Nursery

When you find out you’re pregnant there are a thousand things that run through your mind. It’s both an exciting and scary time. One of the things that eventually goes through your thoughts, if not immediately, is “Where are we going to put the nursery?”. This question is different for everybody. Maybe you have a spare bedroom that’s ready to be converted and it’s no big deal, but maybe it’s more complicated than that. We’re here to discuss a few different options and hopefully help you decide what the best solution is for you and your new baby!

Convert Your Office/Guest Bedroom to a Nursery

So the first and typically most obvious solution is to convert an office space or guest bedroom into your baby’s new room. This is typically a pretty easy choice for someone especially if there’s another “extra” space available where you can combine two spaces to make room for your new baby. The only decision here is if you want to put the nursery closer or further away from your own room if you have that luxury. While many decide to keep baby with them in their room for at least the first few months, you will want to consider that you’ll still be feeding and or comforting baby in the middle of the night after they transition to their own room.

Where to Put the Nursery - Stylish Baby RoomsCheck out our Boho Chic Cactus Nursery and our Fletcher's Modern Farmhouse Nursery for inspiration!

It could also be that transforming this space into the nursery means you lose out on having a dedicated office, guest room, exercise room, etc. And you’ll have to decide if it’s worth it to create a space somewhere else in your home or do without, depending on what fits your lifestyle. If you work from home, you may need a dedicated space without interruptions for your work, or if you have in-laws/parents that come to stay with you for extended periods of time, it may not be in the cards to completely get rid of a guestroom.  Whatever your situation, this option is typically the easiest, and we’re all for easy.

Move to a Bigger Home to Accomodate Your New Family

If there simply isn’t another room to put the nursery in (you need a separate office, or don’t want kids to have to share a room, etc.), then you may consider moving into a bigger home. While moving while pregnant isn’t ideal, it is definitely doable, especially since you know your significant other is likely more than willing to help during this time - so definitely take advantage of that perk! This also might be the perfect time to make the switch from an apartment to your first home or from your small “starter home” to a more long-term house. The only downside to this, beyond the hassle of moving, is the high cost.

Moving to Make Room For Baby

Moving comes with the need for time, and now that the timer is on, so to speak, the quicker you come to this decision the better. You’ll need to be approved for financing, find the right house in the right area, and arrange for all of the little things that go along with moving, like change of address forms, new schools for any little ones that are school age, and redecorating a house instead of just a nursery. Some of this simply takes time while others take a little bit of luck, but while 9 months seems like enough time, it really goes by in a flash, especially when you’re moving!

Create a Shared Space or Nursery in Your Bedroom

Another option is to create a shared space or a nursery in your bedroom. While it might not be the ideal solution for everyone, it might be the perfect fit for you. If you’re short on space and don’t have the budget to move right away, or just love the tiny house movement, you can still fulfill your nesting instinct and create a space dedicated for baby. With some creativity and a lot of organization, we’ve seen some amazing gorgeous unconventional spaces, like this closet nursery featured by Domino.

Nursery for Small Spaces - Adorable Nursery in a Closet
Image via Domino

We’ve also seen some really great shared sibling spaces with big brother/sister and baby. A great resource for this type of inspiration is Project Nursery, where you can find plenty of adorable shared spaces and nurseries alike.

Shared Girls Room for Big Sister & BabyImage via Project Nursery

No matter where you decide to put the nursery or what option is the best for you it will work out. Do your best to not stress over the situation and remember to enjoy this exciting new time in your life. Do you have any advice for finding the perfect spot to put the nursery? Let us know in the comments below. And don't forget to check out our nursery reveals to inspire your own space!

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