Purple and Gold Nursery Bedding sets for your Baby Girl's Nursery

Purple Baby Bedding for a Baby Girl’s Nursery

Purple is a bold color choice, many people absolutely love the color while others not so much.  But if you fall on the love side of things then it seems like a no brainer to create a gorgeous purple nursery when you find out that you’re going to have a baby girl.  And what better way to help create a perfectly purple nursery than to have some purple baby bedding on the crib?  Here are some of our favorite ways to use purple in the nursery and some of our favorite purple crib sets.

Purple Nursery Inspiration

purple nursery inspiration with purple baby bedding

We love the light and airy feel when lavender is paired with white; like in the design board above. We also love having touches of purple in various shades, all the way from lilac to a deep royal purple, in different accents throughout the room for a bold and exciting look.  Purple is a strong color though, so make sure you leave some room for other accent colors in the room. Either way you’re bound to come up with a gorgeous nursery design.  If you’re having trouble choosing an accent color to compliment your purple nursery, gold is a great choice.  Gold compliments either style of designing your purple nursery extremely well.  If you’re going for a girly yet classy nursery, purple is the perfect color.

Purple Baby Bedding

And as far as purple baby bedding is concerned, we’ve got you covered.  Since we’ve been talking about purple and gold nursery design here are a few of our purple crib sets with gold accents:

Purple and Gold baby bedding sets for your Purple Nursery

Purple & Gold Dot |  Holly’s Hydrangea |Lilac & Gold Sparkle 

Looking to take gold out of your purple inspired nursery? Why not add navy or even a teal is pretty. Our purple paige bedding is one of our most popular purple sets! We can't get enough of the gorgeous floral design. 

Lavender Crib bedding for a Purple Inspired Nursery Design

Purple Paige | Madeline's Purple & Navy Floral


There are also plenty of other options when it comes to purple baby bedding.  Feel free to browse our purple baby bedding section of the website, here, for more options that will help to make your purple nursery the nursery of your dreams.

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