Purple Nursery Bedding We Adore

Purple isn't the most popular color wherever colors are involved, especially when just discovering the gender of your new baby. You don't automatically think, "I'm having a girl. I'm definitely going to be using purple as my main color in the nursery!" No. The answer is usually pink. For a boy, it's usually blue. But why stick with the usual choice? Branch out on that limb, mama! Take that risk. We promise you won't be disappointed. Especially with these pretty purple nursery bedding collections! Purple Baby Bedding Perfection Purple is said to be the color of royalty because it was one of the hardest dyes to make back in the day. It was rare, so royalty claimed it as theirs to set them apart from the rest of the population. If you want to set yourself apart from all the other moms out there, then you should definitely pick up Parker's Purple Mint Floral Baby Bedding! Mixed colors of pastel purple and minty coolness make this purple nursery bedding set one of a kind. And the pretty pattern on the crib sheets will grab everyone's attention and have your friends begging for design tips!   Wild Purple Nursery Bedding If you want your nursery to have a fun, edgy, and wild feel to it, we know just which purple nursery bedding collection to choose! Caden Lane's Purple Leopard Baby Bedding Set is feisty and fun with a crib sheet covered in leopard print. The matching purple ombre ruffle crib skirt brings out the purple perfection and adds a sweet touch to contrast the wildness found everywhere else!   Floral Purple Crib Bedding Wild not your thing? Don't worry! We still have more options for you. How about checking out the bright and spring-like floral baby bedding set, Paige's Purple Ruffle Collection. The bright teal backdrop for the purple flowers blooming across the crib sheet contrasts nicely, giving your nursery just the right amount of color! It also gives you more options when you begin accessorizing the rest of the room. Which purple nursery bedding set is your favorite? Is there one out there that you just can't get enough of? Share with the rest of us!  

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