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Ruffle Diaper Covers: 3 Perfect Occasions Where Your Little Girl Needs One

3 Perfect Occasions Where Your Little Girl Needs a Ruffle Diaper Cover

In the baby world, there are just certain occasions that call for chubby thighs and ruffle diaper covers.  You can’t go wrong with an adorable diaper cover that just seems to make a baby butt look that much more adorable!  I mean come on mommies; you know exactly what I am talking about – those chubby thighs that you can pinch all day long are the perfect (and only) thing you need to make a baby bloomer cute!  

A Ruffle Butt Newborn Photo Shoot

Boho Diaper Covers - Perfect for Newborn Photos

Photos via BlogLovin Boho Fringe Diaper Covers | BlogLovin

Newborn photo shoots are the perfect opportunity to showcase your newborns cute little butt!  It will be hard to contain yourself with all of the cuteness that will happen when you see your baby in a ruffle diaper cover serenely sleeping in a keepsake photo that you can keep forever.  All you need to make a newborn photo shoot a success are a couple of cute baby bloomers and a few accessories like headbands or a flower garland.  An ivory lace diaper cover is a great first option (there will be many!) because it is neutral and showcases that newborn innocence that all mommies will cherish when looking back.  You can also select a colored diaper cover that coordinates with a headband or the flowers on a flower garland. There are several different themes you could go with – boho, vintage, or by color!  Caden Lane’s ruffle diaper covers can fit into theses three themes for a newborn photo shoot seamlessly! An ivory lace ruffle or boho diaper cover would work great for photo inspiration on the left and a gradient ruffle diaper cover on the right!

A Ruffle Butt 1st Birthday Photo Shoot

Ruffle Diaper Covers at a Baby Girl's 1st Birthday Photo Shoot

Cake Smash Photo via Lisa Silva Blog | Coral Gradient Diaper Cover

 Once again, there is another opportunity to show off those chubby thighs and prepare for the embarrassing photos for your little girl!  I truly believe that ruffle diaper covers are only necessary at certain stages for babies.  After that point has been reached, they just don’t look as cute sadly.  Therefore, the 1st birthday is a very important time for another photo shoot!  This photo shoot is much more fun because your little girl is in her prime for chubby thighs and baby bloomers showcase them the best. I just can’t get enough of little ruffle butts and chubby thighs! There are two settings for a 1st birthday photo shoot that I like the best – in the nursery or with a cake smash.  This way the ruffle diaper covers can coordinate with a theme. The theme of your nursery or the theme of your little girl’s first birthday cake!  I love how the ruffle diaper cover in the picture above matches the cake.  The cake smash outfit is quick, easy, and adorable – not to mention you will only have to wash cake out of one piece of clothing!  Matching a ruffle diaper cover to your nursery for a birthday photo shoot is another great idea.  The coral gradient ruffle diaper cover pulls just enough coral out of the Mini Floral Crib Sheet. You could also do a mint gradient ruffle diaper cover if coral isn’t your color – there are so many possibilities and you really can’t go wrong when it comes to ruffles :) I can’t even handle those pinch worthy thighs and ruffles!

A Ruffle Butt Erryday

Ruffle baby bloomers

GrayTaupe Linen Boho Fringe Diaper Cover | Pink & Navy Boho Fringe Diaper Covers | Blush Gradient Ruffle Diaper Cover

What I really love about baby bloomers is the fact that they make the perfect backup outfit.  We all know there are times when a blowout happens and your little one is in need of an outfit change.  Keep a diaper cover in your diaper bag for those crazy mishaps.  Ruffle diaper covers are great everyday outfits – especially if you live in Texas!  You can never have enough ruffles in the South and it is hot for most of the year so your baby can pretty much wear them year round.  Throw them on under a simple/plain dress or with a cute onesie!  Even dad can dress your little one and not mess up with cute diaper covers!

What ruffled baby bloomer would you choose? How can you choose just one?!?

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