Samantha Harris' baby girl's room - a shop-a-holic's nursery!

I must admit... when Samantha said to me she loved the idea of her nursery resembling a "Parisian Boutique Shoppe", I about died! Suddenly, visions of purses... heels... dress forms.... tulle... rhinestones... vintage hanging signs, hand painted awnings... well, you get the picture... went racing through my creative blood. What a cute idea for a little girl's room! She could be inside her own "Boutique Shoppe", and spend years fantasizing over what she shall shop for next. And then the next few perfect words came out of her mouth... "I looooove the new Boutique Collection!" Sold. Officially a designers dream client. Oh what fun this will be... So, long story short (I know you really just want to see the pictures)... we spent months scouring over what her favorite items were for boy and girl! Yup, she's one of those crazies who don't like to find out what they are having! (Insert me *pregnant* with my two, and desperate to find out the sex the minute I peed on the stick!) If she were to have a boy, it would have been a vintage sports themed nursery - her hubbie Michael (also a sweetie... and super TALL) is a basketball fan. We were going to pop a dark blue color on the main crib wall, accent with a monster-sized initial over the crib... contrasting racing stripes on the opposite 3 walls, and well... it was going to be precious. However cute this little man's room would have been... it surely doesn't compare to how STINKIN' CUTE Miss Hillary's nursery turned out...sooo, let's get to the good stuff - pictures. I'll post the design sheet for her boy nursery later on (in case anyone is interested)! So... what was in store for sweet baby Hillary? A room filled with girlie necessities! Her own private shopping window was hand-painted over her crib, dress forms with rhinestones necklaces, a scalloped edge awning-style border around the room that mimicked the adorable canvas art by Wendys World Art , and a little table & chairs right next to the coat rack and chalk board - perfectly placed for tea & dress-up! During our whirlwind TWO DAY trip for painting & install of the nursery (yes, we did both rooms in only 2 days)... we also upgraded big sister Josselyn's room from her previous Classic Pink nursery to a beautiful bigger-girl version of the same room! (Just wait until you see the gorgeous headboard & dresser from Young America...) Here's a pic of Amy (from our team) meticulously hand-painting the scalloped edge along the top of the walls of the nursery....   Here's a picture of us painting the mural... Unfortunately I look pregnant in that picture. WHICH I AM NOT... it was the jacket... which is just depressing. Ugh! And from these pre-pics... to this below... drum-rolllllllllll...... This is the wall art where we really drew our inspiration for the "Boutique Shoppe" theme of the room... a very talented artist, and you can see all of her work at The curtains were custom made from Little Crown Interiors... I just love how they trimmed the interior sides with the Rose Dot Fabric and used Pink Zebra tie backs! Pretty stinkin' cute, huh? And it's even BETTER in person! So, on to big sister Josselyn's room! Remember this? She had our Meryn Bedding (before it was discontinued, sniff sniff).. and a gorgeous nursery! And now... the BIG GIRL version! We had sketched out the crown and curtains before so Samantha knew exactly what it would look like... Okay! So that's it! I'd love to hear what you think! And... Samantha is doing a fun little Q&A for us, so check back in the next few days! We threw in some fun questions for her! Happy decorating! Oh, and if you are looking for ANYTHING pictured in these nurseries... look no further! CLICK HERE! Here's our happy little team, the day we completed the nursery! (I mean seriously, does Samantha have to look that fabulous with a 3 week old?) And last but not least! Check out our video on Entertainment Tonight! And here's this week's IN TOUCH Magazine! Featuring our two rooms! Yipppeeee!


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  • Ashley

    WOW – I have never seen anything like this before, I love it. Cant wait to get my little girls nursery done. I am in love with the pink and turquoise color. Great Job

  • Wall Decal Company

    Great job, the room looks amazing.

  • Emilia Amy

    I enjoy your work , thankyou for all the great blog posts.

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