Silly string on my roof.

This morning (between me and my 5 year old): Cade, "mom, close your eyes and stick out your hands." Me,"okay.... Ahhhh, Cade - don't spray silly string on me!!! I told you not to play with that inside." Cade, "Sorry. And I'm sorry it's on your roof." Me, "On my roof? Cade what did you do????" And then, as I walked into my living room, I saw the WEB of purple silly string that was ALL OVER my ceiling. "CCCAAAADDDEEE! I told you not to do that! Ahhhh!"...."but mom, doesn't it look cool?" Why is it always on the days you are in a rush, there's silly string on your "roof". This is my life. We are back from market and I'm furiously trying to play catch up! I have the video of our booth (as I promised) - I just haven't figured out how to load it to the blog yet. I'm working on it though, promise! In the meantime, you can check out this awesome giveaway that RosenberryRooms is hosting for a FREE bedding set! All you have to do is comment to enter!

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