Stylish Baby Bedding

Nursery décor has come so far in the past ten years, what used to be boring basics has turned into stylish baby bedding, and color has dominated the nursery. No more dancing animals or theme-y crib bedding... 2013 was definitely the year for some of the most popular nursery trends. And - of course - Caden Lane has been the trend SETTER too! Remember, all great nursery décor starts with stylish baby bedding. Here's some of our most popular trends for 2013... 1. Chevron Baby Bedding - there's no question that chevron was BIG this year. It's everywhere from home décor to apparel, and we get the special bragging rights to say we definitely introduced it first! Caden Lane is known for their exclusive print designs, and our pink chevron bedding and blue chevron bedding in our Ikat Collection is no different. Stylish Baby Bedding 2. Gray Baby Bedding - I remember when brown was the nursery color of choice, but there's no question that gray has come to stay! With so many shade, and possibilities to add accent colors later on - the color gray offers a perfect neutral palette for gender neutral nurseries. Caden Lane's exclusive gray lattice and mod prints come in over 12 gray baby bedding color combinations. Stylish Baby Bedding 3. Ruffle Baby Bedding - there's just something about ruffles that we can't resist! Our pink zig zag ruffle baby bedding and teal ruffle baby bedding have been huge hits this year. But, don't forget to check out all of our other ruffle baby bedding sets too! Stylish Baby Bedding Don't forget to come by our store Nursery Couture in San Antonio to find all the bedding listed above, and see the top nursery trends in person in our nursery vignettes!  

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