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Choosing the "Right" Swaddle: Swaddle Wrap vs. Swaddle Blanket

Are you wondering if your baby needs a swaddle blanket and if so, what kind would be best? Well look no further, we've got you covered. Becoming a new mommy is one of the most exciting and stressful experiences of your life. I know from recently becoming a first-time mom. My 7-week old is the best gift I have ever been given, but one of the constant struggles that I am slowly figuring out with her is what products are available and which ones actually work for her (and keep me sane). Being so little and struggling with a little reflux, I have noticed that she really likes to be swaddled. The closeness of the swaddle makes her feel like she is back in my tummy. Also, let’s be honest, it does give me an hour or two more of sleep which is amazing! The hard part about all of this was figuring out which kind of swaddle works better for my little one.

There are the traditional swaddle blankets, the ones with Velcro, and even some that zipper and the only way to discover which is the best for you is to try them all. Luckily, working with Caden Lane has been super helpful with all the great mommy advice and being able to easily purchase and try out all the items. This is my experience with the traditional swaddle blanket and the velcro swaddle wrap.

Traditional Swaddles

Traditional Swaddle Blanket Sets with hat and headband

Let’s get started with the traditional swaddle blanket. These are stretchy light weight blankets and come in many cute prints. I am a wing it kind of mommy. I never went to classes I just went off of advice from others and trial and error from experiences with her. I tried so hard to wrap her up in a swaddle blanket but never was successful. My child is extremely busy and would punch and kick her way right out of those. I wanted to make them work because the prints are amazing but these just did not work for me and my active baby. I am not discouraging people from using these though. If you know what you are doing and maybe your child is not so active these will work great. However, all of mine have become great light weight stroller blankets which are great for the summertime in South Texas. My last thing about these swaddles is they make amazing newborn photo props. My little girl used one of our fringe swaddles and the bright floral Elyse's swaddle and they truly make my heart melt.

Velcro Swaddle Wraps

Baby swaddle wrap with velcro

The swaddle wrap has nearly saved my life. My newborn loves it and has a slept an extra hour or two ever since I started using it. It has a nice minky lining inside to keep them warm. This is great because we all know you are not supposed to use a loose blanket while they are sleeping. The swaddle wrap has two easy Velcro steps. This is great if she is really fussy since it is not a hard fight and if she is asleep then you barely bother her. The downside is that it can only be used a swaddle. I like that the swaddle blanket can be used as a blanket as well. The other downside is your baby has to be a little bigger because the Velcro does not stay if they are too small. Other than those couple things I would suggest them all day long and gift them to every mommy I know!

Either swaddle serves a great purpose just depending which you like better. I vote swaddle wrap all day! Which swaddle do you prefer?

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