The BEST baby store in San Antonio, Texas

Which came first? The chicken or the egg? The color orange or the fruit? I get this similar question on a regular basis. Caden Lane or Nursery Couture? Waaaaay back when I started Caden Lane in 2005, my only retail experience was my ability to walk in and out of Anthropologie without having to buy something every time. I was so lucky to break into the market at a time when diaper bags were still quilted and of the "themed" sort, and the only crib bedding available was either ugly, or more ugly. So my introduction into the baby world came easy... I produced a new way of looking at the nursery - and might I add - STARTED the pink/brown and blue/brown revolution of bedding that there is today. I'm just sayin.... (still a little bitter that we dont' get full recognition for that trend). :-) Designing a great diaper bag. Check. Designing fabric. Check. Creating all the essential baby accessories IN our custom fabric. Check. Wondering why certain items sold better than others.... hmmmmmm. I'm not the kind of girl that does things in order. I brush my teeth before coffee. The Baby company came before pregnancy. My first business came before I graduated from college. My first website, yup, it came before I had an actual brick & mortar store. Nursery Couture (the website) was really just stumpled upon. We were getting requests to help coordinate decor items with our bedding. What furniture do I recommend? What wall art is my favorite? And more importantly... where do you buy these items? Our inventory started to stack up so much, that it was just silly not to open an actual store! We were bursting at the seems, and to be honest, I really needed some adult interaction! Gosh did I get it! Today, our flagship store in San Antonio, Texas, boasts a HUGE variety of all my favorite baby necessities (like Trumpette's Johnny Socks, Bla Bla's Violet Doll , and our custom painted letters from a local artist. I've learned over the years that there are many products I wish I invented myself. And after my second baby, I can now proudly walk around that entire store and help every customer with PERSONAL experince behind every product. The best part of all? My store is connected to my best friend's store - and how perfect is this - her MATERNITY store. Chic Mama Maternity. We are a ONE STOP SHOP - over 4,000 sq ft of baby and maternity bliss. How can you not want to shop us? :-) Here's a few pics of the store... we hope next time you are in the San Antonio and/or Boerne area you will stop by and see us! We look forward to meeting you!


  • Sandra Price

    I’m texting to tell you I got a package from you but it’s not what I ordered!! I ordered a toddle blanket with the name Aggie Ann on it!! This is no even a blanket and the name on it is ABIGAIL!! Please contact me as soon as possible because it was for a shower gift!! I’m a little upset!!

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  • Rosemary Terpolilli

    Where is your store located, I am in NW San Antonio and run an Au Pair agency for live in childcare. So I would like to recommend your store to my families.

  • admin

    Hi Candice! The letters above the crib are custom, and can be ordered online at – or you can call the store at 210-494-2627, or email them at You can have them create the letters exactly like you see in the picture, or design your own! The same artist that does the letters does the canvas paintings too. You can check out her website at Hope that helps!

  • Candice

    Hi, I really want to decorate my baby’s nursery in the Luxe Design like you have pictured above. Can you please tell me if you sell the wall art used in the photo above? Also, the letters on the wall and the armchair, was that just covered? If you could let me know would be great.


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