The EASIEST DIY Knit Bunny

The EASIEST DIY Knit Bunny

I don't remember where I learned to make these little bunnies, but I've been making them for years to give as gifts. And since it only requires the ability to make a square, it's super easy to learn!


If you don't know how to knit or crochet, check out these pages and come back once you've mastered the single crochet or knit stitch! I first learned how to knit, but I find crocheting much easier to learn. 

How To Crochet 

How To Knit & Casting On for Knitting


Things to keep in mind before we start: The thicker the yarn and bigger the hook/needles you select, the more chains/stitches you'll need. Thicker yarn becomes pretty stiff as it works up so it'll have to be a giant bunny if you chose to use a heavy weighted yarn.


 I recommend using a light weight yarn for a perfectly baby sized bun.


Also, you're going to want to make sure your stitches are extra tight so even the most active babies can't pull the stuffing out.



  • When I'm knitting, I cast on 25 stitches and knit 25 rows until I have a square. 
  • If crocheting, I tend to eyeball it more but I usually land around 25 chains, and then crochet 25 rows. 
  • You can check how close you are to a square by folding one corner over to make a triangle. When it's even, you've got enough rows! Cast off or tie off and trim your tail.




Lay your square flat and cut a new piece of the same color yarn long enough to lay in a triangle over the top half of the square. I used a different color to make sure it was visible for example, but I would normally use the same color.




Grab a crochet hook or a yarn needle for this next part. You're going to weave this new piece of yarn into the square (a running stitch for all my pros out there) so that it looks like this:



If you have trouble finding where the top of the triangle should be, fold the square in half and pull the yarn through the center of the fold. Now your ears will be even!



Once you have that triangle sewn in, with both loose ends of the yarn on one side, pull them tight to start forming the head.




Stuff the head and make sure to sew it closed with your loose yarn so no little fingers can poke holes.



The rest of your loose yarn will be used to sew up the back of the bunny nice and tight, leaving a hole in the back for adding your stuffing.


Once it's stuffed, use the tail on your square to sew the hole closed, I usually sew a + and X crossing over each other a few times so it's nice and secure.



Make a pompom tail in your preferred way and color,  I use a fork! I recommend using a store bought pompom if you're giving this to a baby, just so they can't pull it apart. Older kids do just fine with a yarn pompom tail. Sew the pompom on to the back of the bunny and you're all done!


 (my Frankenstein stitching along the back!)

These little guys work up so quick and make great gifts when you want to give something handmade!



And you can make them in any size you want! Just don't do what I did and make a bunny so big that you can't make a tail to match him!


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