The Modern Gender Neutral Nursery: You Don’t Have to Keep it Neutral

Okay, so you’re not finding out the baby’s gender. Does that mean you have to stick with the typical yellow and green gender neutral color pallet in the nursery? Of course not! We love the idea of creating a gender neutral nursery that has a neutral base that you can update with accents of color once the baby arrives. The modern gender neutral nursery is easier than ever to prepare ahead of time and customize after baby arrives. No more stressing over a space you’re not sure if you’re going to love once baby is here. Your nursery is going to be your favorite room in the house, boy or girl! First things first, you need to nail down the style you want your nursery to be. Are you going modern, vintage, rustic, or boho? Pretty much every style can be made boyish or girlish, so you just need to figure out which one fits your taste. Modern nurseries typically have clean lines and more minimalistic style, vintage and rustic nurseries have a softer feel to the room, and boho nurseries are very eclectic.  Go with whatever feels right to you or make up your own style! After you get a feeling for the style you want the room you’ll have an easier time finding the color pallet and all the things you’ll want to put in the nursery. We always recommend finding the crib bedding you love as inspiration for the room since it makes matching colors and décor that much easier! Some of our favorite colors for a modern gender neutral nursery are gray, black, white, gold, mint, and navy. With some or even all of these colors you can create an amazing gender neutral space and add in more blues or corals/pinks once the baby arrives. You might even fall in love with it just as it is before baby comes! Scandinavian design is also really big right now and you can pull it off super easily in a neutral nursery design with a white backdrop and then bring in the color with fun accents like curtains, pillows, and other accessories.  You could also stick to the classic black and white color scheme like this one from Quentin & Co. This nursery is so much fun.

black and white modern gender neutral nursery

I also love the idea of bringing in natural wood accents in a neutral nursery, especially when they’re whitewashed like this one from Owen’s Olivia blog.

Modern Gender Neutral Changing Table with Whitewashed Wood Wall

Another take is to start with the biggest color in neutral design right now, mint. Mint walls make for a great backdrop. And if you look at these shelves from Delightfully Chic, I don’t think you’ll think otherwise.

Mint Walls in a Modern Gender Neutral Nursery

When designing your own nursery, you really can’t go wrong. If you had your heart set on a gender neutral nursery, but find yourself adding more feminine or masculine accents after baby comes, that’s okay or can even be the plan from the start! How do you plan to design your modern gender neutral nursery? Let us know in the comments below!


  • Caden Lane

    Hi Kathleen – According the the image owner (Delightfully Chic) the color is Valspar’s Mint Hint :) I hope this helps!

  • Kathleen Kelly

    Can you tell me what paint color that mint is in the last photo?

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