Top Must Have Ideas for a Rustic Farmhouse Nursery Design

Top 3 Must Haves for a Rustic Farmhouse Nursery Design

Is your spirit animal Joanna Gaines? Is Fixer Upper your all-time favorite TV show? Do you want to #shiplap your entire house, let alone your nursery? If you answered yes to these questions you are in the right place!  I am here to tell you that you are not alone (I am slightly obsessed with anything Joanna Gaines related) AND I have three simple must-haves to create the Rustic Farmhouse Nursery of your dreams.

#1: A Neutral Color Scheme

#1 Must Have for a Rustic Farmhouse Nursery Design: A Neutral Color Scheme

Nursery Design via Holly Mathis Interiors | Neutral Color Scheme via BHG | Fletcher’s Farmhouse Crib Bedding

To start off any room décor project, I always like to start with the color scheme. It is muy importante! To get the “rustic farmhouse” look, neutral colors like grays, taupes, and whites are normally the way to go. But, you can always add in another color like navy or pink for more of a gender driven nursery.  Otherwise, your neutral color scheme will be a perfect for simple gender neutral nursery.   The neutral colors create a crisp look for a casual and clean nursery.  Typically white walls (one or all with shiplap - but we will talk more about that in a bit!) are the way to go for a rustic farmhouse look.  Then you can bring in other colors through your crib bedding, décor, and furniture.  As you can see in the pictures above, a taupe tan and gray were used in the nurseries to bring in the neutral tones.  I love that plaid was used in the crib bedding and accessories; I think it is perfect for a farmhouse nursery! I personally like gray as a neutral color so the Fletcher’s crib bedding is my favorite for this nursery design. The simple flat panel plaid crib skirt is perfect and it adds just the right amount of print and color for a farmhouse nursery!

#2: Shiplap Walls

#2 Must Have for a Rustic Farmhouse Nursery Design: Shiplap Walls

Nursery Designs: Project Nursery |The Mountain View Cottage |Making Joy & Pretty Things

One common trend in ALL rustic farmhouse designs is shiplap walls.  So, naturally this is a MUST in your nursery! I LOVE this look so much. Depending on how brave you are, you can shiplap the whole room or just do one wall and paint the other walls white or another neutral color from your color scheme.  Now I know shiplap can seem intimidating, but don’t back down on this! Trust me! You need a shiplap wall or four in your nursery if you want to achieve a farmhouse look.  There are several tips and tutorials to make creating a shiplap wall easy breezy.  The Mountain View Cottage, whose nursery you see in the middle picture above, gives a great shiplap tutorial. But, as always, there is an alternative route to achieving shiplap walls if creating them with the tutorial isn’t for you :) Once again, Magnolia Home has thought of everything (love them)!  There happens to be shiplap wallpaper that can be purchased online at Home Depot.  So, if wallpaper is your thing, have at it girl! There is always a great way to achieve the shiplap nursery design of your dreams. :) Where there is a will there is a way!

#3: Wooden Framed Signs

#3 Must Have for a Rustic Farmhouse Nursery Design: Wooden Framed Signs

Nursery Design via Holly Mathis Interiors |Top Sign via House of Belonging |Bottom Sign via Caden Lane

Last, but not least, you absolutely need at least one wooden framed sign in your rustic farmhouse nursery!  There are so many options out there from phrases to scriptures, to your baby's name that you can be sure to find one that is meaningful to you. :) There are a ton of shops on Etsy that sell these amazing signs.  A popular one is House of Belonging and some of the shop owners’ work is featured above.  These signs are also a great DIY for your nursery and will make the sign all the more special!  Caden Lane did an easy (and budget friendly) Wooden Sign DIY blog on how to make the “love you like crazy” rustic sign shown above.  The blog also talks about name signs for above the crib, so there are lots of options and versatility!  I love the signs hanging above the crib, but they can also be hung anywhere in the nursery. 

These 3 rustic farmhouse must-haves to create your dream farmhouse nursery are simple and easy to achieve. So, get in touch with your inner Joanna Gaines and start decorating! And when you need the finishing touches of nursery accessories and crib bedding shop here.

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