Top 5 Baby Girl Nursery Colors

Picking the top 5 baby girl nursery colors was tough, to be sure. There are many colors that look fabulous in a little girl's room, and we could have named 5 different shades of pink alone, for goodness sake! However, after scouring the web and friend's nurseries for the best shades of the year, we have chosen (in no particular order): Coral, Aqua, Gold, Gray, and Lilac. Phew, that was tough (better luck next year, hot pink!).

Stunning gold striped ceiling in the nurseryvia Project Nursery

This gold nursery is one of the coolest nurseries I've ever seen. In fact, can I move in there please? The metallic stripes on the ceiling are just gorgeous, as are the other little gold accents like the vintage lamp, picture frames, stool, and chandelier. This one is definitely getting pinned, and don't blame me if my bedroom ceiling ends up looking a little (okay, exactly) like this... If you want to bring even more gold into the room, gold crib bedding is one of our favorite ways to incorporate it even further!

Coral, Aqua and Gray nurseryvia Project Nursery

Here's an adorable and modern nursery that combines *three* of our top colors (coral, aqua, & gray), and looks mighty fine while doing so. Shades of pink and teal are like peas in a pod, and this room is no exception. That accent wall is gorgeous. I love the stencil that they chose and the dedication it took to make it look so perfect! This room is killer. In fact, aqua was so popular in baby girl nurseries this year that it showed up as accents in multiple rooms:

fun gold, black, and aqua nurseryvia Project Nursery

Here's a fun, surprising way to make a traditionally gender-neutral color a little more feminine.  Two of our top colors, gold and aqua, are thoughtfully combined with black and white here in a classic, exciting palette. We're loving the large monogram above the crib, as well as our Aqua & Gold Dot Baby Bedding featured on the bold aqua crib!

Lilac girl's nurseryvia Interior Designs Home

Lastly, we have a sweet and beautiful lilac nursery room. Lilac is softer than a traditional purple, and we think it lends an air of sophistication, too. Paired with the classic dust ruffle, chandelier, and wall decals, this room is fit for a princess. So start pinning, folks, and use these five baby girl nursery colors as inspiration for your own baby girl's room! (They look pretty great together, too.)    

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