Trending: Unique Nursery Ceilings

Remember those glow-in-the-dark plastic stars you stuck on your bedroom ceiling when you were a pre-teen? You know, the ones that infuriated your Mom when she couldn't get them off? Don't worry – those aren't coming back in style anytime before scrunchies worn in public (That's not happening, right? Please no!) What is trending, however, are unique designs for nursery room ceilings. Stripes, clouds and more are finding their way to the unexpected tops of the baby's room, and we're loving what designers are coming up with to surprise us in this new and under-utilized space. We've scanned the web for some of the coolest takes on the unique nursery ceilings trend for your own nursery design inspiration.   Bold yellow and white stripes on the ceiling
Yellow Striped Ceiling Photographed by Domino
Bold stripes are certainly a staple in nursery decor, but the placement of them on the ceiling is definitely new! We love how the black accent wall accentuates the bright yellow and white stripes and how black details throughout tie in the space. With a statement piece like this unique nursery ceiling, there's no need for tons of other decor or art in the room, and it looks chic to keep the rest simple.  

Twinkling lights for a unique nursery ceilingTwinkling Star Lights

Look at these gorgeous twinkle lights on the ceiling! Not only do they look beautiful aesthetically, but I imagine they provide the perfect illumination for nighttime feedings, diaper changes, and reading with the little one. A more "lo-fi" version of this might be to string lights up along the ceiling a lá a trendy back patio (but we think this version is even cuter!).  

Adorable Chevron Ceiling decorOrange ZigZag Ceiling from HGTV

The big chevron pattern on this nursery's ceiling is to die for, as is the peachy color scheme. Chevron takes it up a notch and turns this ceiling look into a super unique focal point. And look at that framed dog photo! Amazing. We're gaga over this New York City apartment and think some of this adorable Caden Lane bedding would like divine in a room like this. From painting and wallpapering, to stringing up lights, fabric and decals, the possibilities are endless in turning your own nursery's ceiling into a work of art. What is your favorite way of creating a unique nursery ceiling?  

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