Trendy Maternity Hospital Gowns for Every Mommy-to-Be

Trendy Hospital Gowns for Every Mommy-to-Be

Trendy Hospital Gowns for Every Mommy-to-Be

Good news ladies (mommy’s)!! Hospital gowns do not have to be generic and boring!  Yesss!! Get ready for some serious style because I am going to talk to you about (and show you!) some pretty amazing hospital gowns that are practical and trendy.  And that’s all that we really want in life, am I right?!

Gender Neutral Maternity Hospital Gowns

Caden Lane: Gray Arrow Hospital Gown | Mod Lattice Hospital Gown (similar style)

We all know and appreciate that we are given a nice maternity gown upon our arrival at the hospital. Wear that gown for the actual delivery and bring your own “pretty” hospital gown for pictures before or after!  Caden Lane offers a variety of stylish maternity gowns from gender neutral prints in gray and white to more girly bright floral prints.  A great bonus is some of the prints can be coordinated with your little ones nursery or very own take me home gown! This is something that I think makes the gown a little more special. The variety of color and style make it easy for any mommy-to-be to choose the perfect gown for herself! There are many options for different styles.  Here are some of my favorites!  For the mom who is more modern there is the

For the mom who is more modern, there is the Mint Triangle design – and who doesn’t look amazing in mint?! For the mom who isn’t really into pink, there is the Everly’s Garden print with pretty navy and coral flowers! For the girly girl mom, there is the Shabby Chic print with beautiful pink roses! And finally for the mom that wants to go neutral, there is the Gray and White Arrow print or the Gold and White Quatrefoil print.  See there is a gown for every mommy’s style!

 Floral Maternity Hospital Gowns

Charleigh’s Coral and Navy Hospital Gown | Felicity’s Floral Maternity Gown | Everly’s Garden Hospital Gown

Like I mentioned before, these popular maternity gowns coordinate with the most beautiful baby bedding collections.  Above are the most popular floral printed maternity gowns and they are amazing!  I love how these gowns allow each mom to showcase her sense of style.  Plus, who doesn’t feel beautiful in a pretty floral print!  There is a floral print for every mom - dark floral, vintage floral, modern floral and girly floral!  The styles are endless! Check out all of the styles to find your best fit!  I am partial to the Charleigh’s print; I think it looks great on any mom!

Caden Lane Maternity Gowns

Shabby Chic Maternity Gown| Lilac and Gold Sparkle Hospital Gown| Gold Quatrefoil Maternity Gown

The next big question about these maternity gowns, besides the question of style, is the question of practicality. This is important because, as you moms know, you have to be able to move around and function in this gown while breastfeeding or nursing your little bundle of joy!  Good thing these gowns are both stylish and practical.  The gowns are one size fits most and are all made out of 100% cotton breathable fabrics.  They have a raglan sleeve/neckline because there are snaps on both sides of your breastbone to make it easy to nurse discretely and comfortably on each side.  You can also unsnap the front piece on both sides completely for easy skin to skin breastfeeding – major plus! Down the back of the gown there are also snaps for complete closure of the gown and they are long enough to where they should hit mommies just above the knee to mid-thigh. These maternity gowns were designed by stylish moms for stylish moms who want a trendy and practical gown to deliver or nurse their baby in!  I think we nailed it!

Modern Maternity Hospital Gowns

Mint Triangle Maternity Gown | Gray Arrow Hospital Gown

What is your favorite style? How can you choose just one?!!

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