Fabric Storage Bins for Nursery Organization

Ultimate Nursery Storage Ideas

Ultimate Nursery Storage Ideas

Is designing your dream nursery while trying to accommodate storage proving to be more stressful than fun?  Is functional vs. cute becoming a huge dilemma? Good news mommy’s-to-be, storage in the nursery doesn’t have to be boring or stressful! Creating storage that is just as cute as it is functional is totally possible and I am going to show you how to rock it. Fabric storage bins are my go to item for nursery storage because they are so versatile and handy! The prints are amazing and they come in two sizes – you will hear a lot about how to incorporate them into your nursery for AMAZING storage ideas!

We all know that your nursery will not be as spacious as it you want it (or need it) to be.  But that’s okay!  There are many ways to use items that you will already have (or need) in your nursery for dual uses and make it adorably cute! Doubling a dresser as a storage piece and a changing table gets the job done and you can customize the dresser to the design of your nursery. Add the changing pad to the top with a few essential items (diapers and wipes of course!) and you are set!  The great thing about using a dresser for a changing table is that the top drawers can be used for storage – all you need are a couple of drawer organizers (like the Ikea Kompliment Drawer Organizers pictured below).  Fabric storage bins are also a perfect storage idea to place next to the changing pad on top of your dresser! The added bonus is you can match the storage basket to your changing pad cover AND baby bedding!

Dresser Changing Table OrganizationCoral & Gold Sparkle Bin & Changing Pad Cover | Drawer Organization via Becoming Home

The nursery storage bins shown in the picture are small bins in Coral and Gold Sparkle and the Mint & Gold Dot. The matching changing pad cover is Caden Lane’s Coral and Gold Sparkle collection. I just love how the fabric basket is personalized with a glitter vinyl for diaper storage!  Having the essential items in a storage basket next to your changing pad is a must – it keeps the important items like diapers, wipes, lotion, diaper cream, and room spray at arm’s reach while changing your little one AND it keeps the nursery looking cute and organized!

[Fun fact: the fabric storage bins are machine washable and reversible! You can wash away any evidence of crazy mishaps - what happens in the changing area stays in the changing area]

Another great storage idea to make your nursery functional is transform your closet into open closet storage. Now I know what you are thinking – “This is just too much work! It can never be done!”  But yes, yes it can!  Take the doors off of your closet and if you have a handy husband or neighbor, get them to build you some shelves!  If not, here are some great closet storage pieces like the Ikea Kallax Series. Any of these pieces would work in a closet! You can also push your dresser/changing table into the closet if it is big enough and add the shelves on either side! 

Nursery Closet OrganizationVia: Crisp Interiors | Strawberry Swing and Other Things

These images are perfect examples of custom built (left) and bought shelving (right) in an open closet storage! And guess what! More fabric storage bins!!  With an open closet storage system, you can mix and match storage basket designs and sizes!! In this case, the fabric storage bins are the décor so you can match them with your nursery design and bedding. The larger fabric bins can be used, like in the pictures, for toys, blanket, quilts, etc.  And the smaller bins can be used on the upper shelves for headbands, leggings, onesies, socks etc.

Toys Fabric Storage BinSawyer’s Stars Storage Bin | Mint & Gold Aztec Storage Bin

Do you have any corners in your nursery that need to be filled, shelves that need that little something, or a nightstand next to your glider that needs décor to be added to them? Cute storage baskets are perfect for the awkward spaces that will also provide extra storage in your nursery! Add a large fabric bin to a corner by the crib for toy storage or a small nursery bin with pacifiers, burps, wipes next to your glider for those long nights rocking and feeding your little love bug. Storage in your nursery doesn’t have to be chunky plastic bins – make it cute and coordinate with fabric storage bins that match your nursery!  All of Caden Lane’s Fabric storage bins match at least one of the bedding collections! They are a must have item for your nursery storage and are great shower gifts that any mom-to-be will love to add to her nursery!  

Which fabric storage bins would you incorporate in your nursery for decor AND storage?

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