What to Get the Expecting Mom This Mother's Day

If you are planning on getting a soon-to-be mom in your life a gift this mother’s day to celebrate all she’s done to get baby ready for the world, look no further!  We’ve come up with 5 sure to impress gift ideas for the expecting mom in your life.
  1. For the stressed out mom-to-be, a spa day – I know, I know this is cheesy and has been played out, but really whatever can make a pregnant woman feel more relaxed, will make everyone feel more relaxed (it’s a win, win). Be sure to make it special and thoughtful by looking up some spas that specialize in prenatal massage.  And for the significant other, you can make it even more special if you look up “how to give a prenatal massage” and pamper her yourself.
  2. For the fitness enthusiast, a series of prenatal yoga sessions ­­– This goes along with the same theme as the spa day, but if she’s into keeping herself in the best shape for baby to be, then being able to work out and relax could be just what she’s looking for. Look for a studio that offers these types of classes and is convenient to home or work.  Pair this with a brand new yoga mat and your golden!
  3. For the nester, nursery décor or bedding - There are two ways to go with this one: Spy on her Pinterest account and get her that piece for the nursery that will pull the room together; or go the gift certificate route and give her a certificate to her favorite nursery store, or of course Caden Lane, and then promise to spend the day with her picking out her favorite items, be it online or in store.
  4. For the just-happy-to-be-a-mom mom, a traditional day of appreciation – Breakfast (or brunch) in bed and being pampered and waited on will be surely appreciated by this mom-to-be. While it may not seem like much, just acknowledging she now gets to celebrate this day with the rest of the “mom world” will go a long way.  To make it extra special you can give her a decorative saying acknowledging her as a mother.
  5. For the second-time mom (or third, or fourth), jewelry representing their children – while this may not be her first Mother’s Day, you can make it extra special by celebrating the soon-to-be a new mom again with a piece of jewelry that represents not only the kid(s) she already has in her life, but the one on the way. If you already have a name picked out go for jewelry that incorporates the new child’s name, if not, you can take a more symbolic route.
Whatever gift you choose for your soon-to-be mom, she’ll be sure to feel appreciated when she may not even be expecting anything for Mother’s Day (just yet).  The fact that she’s included in the celebrations will make this day special for her.  Mother’s Day 2015 is just around the corner, this Sunday, May 10th, so let us know what you decide to get your expecting mom in the comments below!

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