Where to Find Unique Nursery Bedding

So, you figured out the stroller and car seat you want, you know what kind of diaper pail you need, and you’re set on the bottles you’ll register for. But, there’s still one daunting task you haven’t quite been able to tackle yet. The perfect unique nursery bedding! You have scoured the racks at some of the big baby stores and your shopping cart (and your registry for that matter) is still empty! You are looking for a unique nursery bedding set that is just right for you and you’re future bundle of joy. So, where do you go from here? The answer may be easier than you think. There is quite a niche for boutique baby bedding these days, and it’s probably right around the corner from you, or even at your fingertips! First of all, Caden Lane has a little bit of everything from a perfect girly pink to daring and bold geometric patterns. You want gingham or denim or a sparkle of tribal? Caden Lane has all these options and more. And if that variety isn’t enough, then try their Mix & Match option where you can pick a blend of crib sheets and crib skirts to create a look completely unique to you! That unique nursery bedding you’ve been searching for is now a one of a kind masterpiece crafted by YOU! Use Caden Lane's mix and match option to create unique nursery bedding of your own! Some other great options in finding unique nursery bedding may just jump out at you one night as you sit in your PJ’s eating ice cream and pickles (or whatever crazy craving you have been satisfying lately!). As I was looking at fellow mommies on Instagram one night, I happened to end up on a link for a small boutique quiltmaker who has a shop called Second Stitch the Right. She has the most adorable and unique quilts, sheets, and changing pad covers. She is just one of many small and independent businesses that can satisfy your need for a completely unique baby bedding idea. Others like her can be found anywhere from Instagram to Etsy. You just need to start looking!

Unique Nursery Bedding with Quilts from Second Stitch To The RightThe Diesel QuiltThe Ellie Quilt 

There are plenty of ways to get a nursery design that's uniquely you! You just have to have the vision to see it through!

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  • Clare M Hansen

    I’m just seeing this! Thank you for your kind words, very sweet of you!!

    Warmest regards,

    Clare M Hansen
    Second Stitch to the Right

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